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The term pitch deck is now almost synonymous with startups but why wouldn’t it be so when a major determinant of whether a startup gets funding or not is dependent on the quality of the pitch made and indirectly dependent on how good the pitch deck is designed?

There is a popular quote by Cynthia Ozick that goes “Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression”.

This goes to imply how important it is to make a very good first impression especially when the life of your startup depends on it. You always have to remember that you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

For that matter, your pitch deck should be up to the standard expected by the investors you are pitching to and to stand above the competition, make your pitch deck above that standard.

The real question here therefore is “how do I make my pitch deck stand out of the many”? There are two components to this. The quality of your pitch deck depends on the content and the design of the pitch deck.

Most startup founders have the best content but the design and presentation of their pitch deck is poorly done such that the investors tend to lose interest the moment you open up your presentation.

Even if you have no graphic design skills or no dedicated design team in your startup, there are great pitch deck software and tools out there that can help you craft the best pitch deck to wow your potential investors.

In this piece, I explore the best 7 pitch deck software out there that can help you make the best pitch decks with little or no design experience.

What to consider when choosing a pitch deck software

In order to choose the most convenient pitch deck software or tool, you have to consider the following points and these points served as a guide for my choice of pitch deck software to include in this post.

  • Ease of use
  • Availability of time-proven templates that works well
  • Affordability
  • Ability to add external media easily
  • Sharing options available

List of the 7 best pitch deck software/tools

  • Slidebean
  • Visme
  • Canva
  • Haiku Deck
  • Prezi
  • Apple Keynote | Google slides | Microsoft Powerpoint

Take each software and discuss while you chose to add it

  • Image (a screenshot of the software or their website)
  • Key features
  • Price
  • Link to download
  • A video showing how it is used

The best pitch deck software/tools


Imagine starting to design your pitch deck from scratch without any ideas on how pitch decks look like. This pitch deck software made it to the top of the list for the sake of its ease of use. is a great choice even for people who have no design skills.

The platform has an inbuilt artificial intelligence model that automatically creates the designs for you based on the content you put in. Hence when designing a pitch deck with, all you have to concern yourself with is the content of your pitch and not the design.

Their unique selling point is crafted in the statement “the first presentation maker that designs for you”. In order words, they are responsible for your designs while you are only responsible for the content of your pitch.

Creating a pitch deck couldn’t be any easier than you get with

Key Features:

  • A lots of templates available
  • Analytics on your presentation links (showing who viewed your presentation and how long they viewed it)
  • Stock images and icons are available for use
  • Voice narration over slides
  • Secured sharing and collaboration
  • Searchable slide library

Why you will like or dislike as your pitch deck software

  • Ability to keep track of all changes made
  • Very easy to use
  • A lot of available resources to aid the design of your pitch deck
  • Great analytics (absent in most of the competitors)
  • Saves you a ton of time
  • Navigation on the design platform may require some getting used to



#2 Slidebean

Slidebean is also a popular and powerful option when it comes to crafting eye-catching pitch decks. This pitch deck software provides you an easy to use pitch deck builder that simplifies the process of creating pitch decks.

You can either use the pitch deck builder which is an automated tool to enable you to design your decks or you can use any of their pitch deck templates which are obtained from successful venture-backed startups such as Uber, Peloton and Airbnb.

There is a saying that “success leaves clues”. If you have access to the same templates other startup founders have used to earn huge investments in their firms, then there is definitely one in there that can inspire you to also captivate your potential investors.

Aside from these options, Slidebean also has a dedicated team that can do the work for you if you don’t feel competent enough to design by yourself.

Tools available on Slidebean include:

  • Pitch deck templates
  • Pitch deck builder
  • Investor finder
  • Design Service
  • Expert network
  • Financial model templates
  • Founders’ community
  • Startup lessons

Why you will like or dislike

  • A host of great templates available
  • Very easy to use
  • A lot of video tutorials available
  • Great support with premium consulting services
  • Challenges with design customization
  • Design limitations



#3 Visme

Visme has grown to become a complete online design tool which one can use for various types of designs including videos, infographics, presentations, mockups, printables and many more.

As a pitch deck design tool, Visme provides a lot of gorgeous pitch deck templates, stock images, icons, charts & graphs, interactive maps, mind maps, plus multimedia features modern functionalities that other presentation apps and presentation programs don’t offer.

Visme also allows you to animate anything, create actionable areas, add videos, voice overs, and music to your pitch deck design.

Key features

  • Thousands of easy-to-edit presentation templates, slides and pitch decks
  • Import and edit your PowerPoint presentations online from your web browser
  • Record yourself presenting
  • Slide Library (Create your own slide library or custom content blocks and reuse them in any of your future presentations)
  • Share or download your presentations

Why you will like or dislike Visme as your pitch deck software

  • Variety of sharing options available
  • Ability to embed videos in pitch deck
  • Ability to animate almost anything
  • Easy of use



#4 Canva

I will be surprised to know that you haven’t yet heard of Canva before but not so much to hear that you didn’t know Canva could be used for designing pitch decks. I have recently developed the love for creating presentations using Canva.

Canva is indeed a great tool for designers and non-designers alike. Canva has a huge repository of pitch deck templates and you are likely to find one such template that will be a best fit for your business.

When it comes to elements that you will need to uplight your pitch deck, there are a lot of them and most of them are available for free. As a pitch deck software, you also get access to stock images, icons, illustrations.

With Canva, you can easily share your pitch deck design with anyone and choose whether you want to only be able to view or grant them editing privileges. This means, you can share your links with your potential investors as well as your team mates.

Key features

  • Can directly present in Canva
  • Access to free elements, stock images, icons and illustrations
  • Integrations with other apps

Why you will like or dislike Canva as your pitch deck software

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to share your presentation
  • Can export your presentation in various formats (eg: powerpoint, pdf, etc)
  • A lot of templates available
  • Provides no analytics
  • Can’t be used for very complex designs



#5 Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a pitch deck creation platform with both a web app and mobile apps that uses images, text, audio, and video to make impactful presentations. There are a lot of classy templates available.

You can also select from a variety of attractive fonts, layouts, and image filters. Haiku Deck, like Canva, has a large photo stock library, with over 35 million images to choose from.

Images from the local hard drive, as well as graphs and charts to highlight crucial information, can be added to the slides.

Why you will like or dislike Haiku Deck as your pitch deck software


  • Easy to use
  • Saves you lot of time


  • Missing image captions
  • Difficulty with undoing actions


Youtube video:

#6 Pitch

Why build your pitch deck alone when you have your team members available. Even if it’s a remote team you can all together build the pitch deck with the help of Pitch.

Pitch as a pitch deck software is known for collaborative presentation designs. Pitch provides a central location for your team to debate ideas, make choices, and receive feedback.

Everything you need to develop a fantastic deck is right at your fingertips with Pitch, from complex design options to data integrations. Creating stuff you’re proud of has never been easier.

Key features:

  • Presentation Analytics
  • Shared private folders
  • Unbranded PDF exports
  • Live video collaboration
  • Unlimited members & guests


#7 Prezi

Prezi is a pitch deck tool that allows you to create pitch decks or presentations that are engaging, persuasive, and memorable. It also allows for collaborative working and allows you and your team members to work on your pitch deck even if you aren’t in the same room.

With Prezi, you can create a brand kit with your company’s logo, colors, and fonts to make sure you have everything you need when creating your branded pitch deck.

One unique feature of Prezi worth mentioning is the ability to present over your video. It allows you to appear right alongside your content as you present—an easy and engaging new way to keep the personal connection in remote meetings or classrooms.

Key features

  • Voice over recording feature
  • Custom charts
  • Smart branding
  • Present over video

Why you will like or dislike Prezi as your pitch deck software


  • Online and offline versions available
  • Excellent analytics


Other software for designing pitch decks

Apart from the top 7 tools for creating pitch decks that I have discussed above, there are a few native ones that almost everyone is familiar with.

The 3 most common software for designing presentations (pitch decks) are:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Google Slides
  • Apple Keynotes

These options are free of charge but usually have very limited templates and relatively lesser amounts of design elements. Also, unlike the other pitch deck software discussed earlier, these three do incorporate artificial intelligence to aid your design.

You can however get some great pitch deck templates from various creative marketplaces. All you need to do is go through the list of templates for the specific tool you want and purchase the templates that suits you best.

After the purchase, download the template and open it with the software you chose. You can then go ahead to edit the template and make it yours.

One of such creative marketplaces where you can get the best of templates for Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides or Apple Keynotes is the Envato marketplace.

Pitch Deck software/tools FAQs

What is the best software to create a pitch deck?

I have given you 7 different options plus three other pitch deck design software that you can use. Do read the article to know which of the tools will meet your needs the best.

How long should a pitch deck be?

There are quite a lot of opinions on how long a pitch deck should be. Most people suggest an average of 12 to 14 slides and shouldn’t exceed 20 slides. You can check this complete guide by the CEO of slidebean on the perfect guide for a pitch deck.

How long does it take to create a pitch deck?

This depends totally on your experience, the less experienced you are at creating pitch decks, the more time it will take you. Also, with the help of the artificial intelligence powered pitch deck tools that was discussed in this post you can quickly create your pitch decks.

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