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Heartbeat.chat Review: Grow an Engaged online Community

The number of platforms to build an audience keep increasing and keeping up with the trends just keep adding on more tasks. This has made the act of community building a herculean task. But does it really have to be so?

Can’t you have a centralized system for building and growing a community that revolves around the several platforms out there?

If you feel me, then you are about to find an answer to a problem that many (probably including you) have been facing for a while now.

Heartbeat.chat is a community building platform that allows you to bring your community together the easy way. It enables you to take full control of your community unlike how other platforms do it.

In this article, you will find out a complete review of heartbeat.chat to enable you to determine whether it is worth your consideration or not.

What is Heartbeat.chat

Heartbeat.chat is an all-in-one platform that allows you to build and manage an active online community from your own domain.

This platform is packed with several tools that will enable your community members to interact, meet virtually, and share resources without necessarily toggling between different tools at the same time.

Heartbeat helps you host your chats, live events, courses, content, and more — all on your own, custom domain.

What problem does heartbeat.chat solve

As a community builder or manager, the tools that you require to effectively manage and grow your communities unfortunately do not talk to each other and hence end up creating hours of busy work for you.

That right there is a big problem because it makes scaling of the community a difficult task. In order to overcome this challenge, heartbeat.chat has provided a solution to this problem. You will now get access to all the tools you require in one place and they are very well integrated to save you hours of work.

Heartbeat also helps you automate a lot of the tasks associated with community management.

Who is heartbeat.chat meant for

Heartbeat is for anyone who is interested in bringing together their audiences and growing a very engaged community. This include:

  • Creators
  • Online instructors
  • Community builders
  • Startups
  • Educators, and
  • Accelerators

What can you build with Heartbeat?

– Cohort-based courses or online courses

– Online schools or learning communities

– Communities with paid memberships

– Communities for podcasts, newsletters, and blogs

– Founder communities and fellowships

– Groups for coaching, mentoring, or masterminding

– Associations, clubs, and organizations

Features of Heartbeat.chat

Threads & Chats:

Foster deeply engaged conversations on autopilot. With this feature, you can replace the following platforms with heartbeat.chat; Slack, Discord and Facebook Groups.

Documents & Content:

With heartbeat.chat, you can host content, recordings, links, saved threads, & more. This thus helps you replace; Notion and Google Drive or any other storage platform you have been using for your documents and content.


Create & send event invites linked to Google Calendar. Heartbeat with therefore serve as a replacement for Meetup, Eventbrite and Luma.

The events feature in heartbeat includes: upcoming event view, automated calendar invites, automated reminders, automated feedback emails, public event pages, paid event tickets, email reminders, attendance tracking


Personalize & automate member match-ups. This makes heartbeat serve as a replacement for Donut and Meetsy.

Voice Rooms

Jump into live voice & video rooms with 1-click. This makes heartbeat also serve as a replacement for Zoom and Google Meet.

Community Scaffolding

Use pre-built workflows to onboard members, ramp up relationships via Match-Ups, organize events, and more.


Instantly find your consistent hand-raisers, at-risk community members, and areas for improvement.

In-App Payments

Charge 1-time, annual, monthly, or installment-based payments, event ticket sales, and more.

You can check out this video to see how these features are on the heartbeat platform

With all these amazing features, heartbeat also comes with integrations for a lot of the popular tools that you may need to use. If you have already been building your community and would want to move over to heartbeat, the transition process is quite easy because of the integrations.

Some of the integrations include:

  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Notion
  • Salesforce

All these tools can be integrated with just a single click.

Other features that you will find in heartbeat.chat

  • Video & Screen Sharing
  • Groups & Sub-groups
  • Presence Indicators
  • Permanent Invite Links
  • Automated Intros
  • Voice Rooms
  • Reactions
  • Member Directory
  • Moderation Tools
  • Move Threads
  • Access Management
  • Weekly Digest Emails
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Embedded Videos
  • Full Member Directory
  • Customizable Onboarding
  • Threaded Conversations
  • Mute Members
  • Push Notifications
  • Youtube Embeds
  • Channel Grouping
  • Desktop App
  • Custom Emojis
  • Custom Domains
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Full API Documentation
  • Custom Colors
  • Loom Embeds
  • File Uploads

Heartbeat Pricing Plans

Heartbeat comes with three pricing plans and a 14-day free trial today — no credit card required. You get to cancel at any time if you think it is not what you want.

The payment plans include:

  • Starter ($29 per month) –up to 1000 members, custom domain & brand colors, zapier, zoom and GCal integrations.
  • Growth ($99 per month) – Everything in the Starter plan + unlimited members and priority email support.
  • Business(custom price) – Everything in the Growth plan + 1:1 Setup & onboarding, full heartbeat API access, Enterprise integrations.

Pros & Cons


  • Very clean interface
  • Easy to understand and setup
  • Easy to add courses, threads, events, docs.
  • Integrations work great.
  • High performance, no lag.
  • Most importantly, I think it will be easy for my users to navigate.
  • Good support services


  • There are a couple of places where the text gets cut off when it’s too long, but that’s not a dealbreaker.
  • Some challenges with using magic link, can’t log in with email/password

Get started with Heartbeat.chat

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