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Everyday, we collect and share data and information with our phones. This data needs to be stored and kept. Most times the data we store on our phones are too much or very big making our phones run low on space. 

When space is low new data cannot be saved or stored and the overall performance of your device may be affected. For this reason, Secure Digital cards were introduced. Secure Digital cards, also known as SD cards are removable memory cards used to read and write large quantities of data. 

In this article, you will be taken through steps to follow in order to use your SD card as default storage on Android Phones. Before we start, there are some important things to note when choosing an SD card.

What to consider when choosing an SD Card

Data storage capacity:

SD cards come In different sizes and you must choose ones with the right size. Using an SD card with a bigger size will be ideal. You must note that the prices of the different sizes of SD cards vary.  

Speed of the cards:

SD cards are made with different speeds. Choosing an SD card with a lower speed will affect the performance of the card and your phone when you install some type of files or folders or application on it

SD card brand:

There are different brands and types of SD card available in the market. Make sure to pick the best one available to you. There are also  fake SD cards in the market. Make sure you are buying from accredited and trusted sellers  or brands to avoid wasting money.

How do I set my SD Card as default storage for Android Phone

  • Make sure you are using a new SD card else all data in the SD card will be erased. 
  • Insert SD card into its designated slot and restart or power on your phone. 
  • Open settings and select storage
  • On your screen, you will be presented with three options
  • Tap on the three dots to open the menu
  • Select format as internal
  • Select erase and format

How do I use SD Card as default storage for downloads on Android

  • Open the chrome browser on your Android phone
  •  select the three dots at the top right corner
  • Select settings
  • Scroll down and select download
  • Three options will be listed. Clicking the first option will make a pop-up menu appear where you would be asked to select download location
  • Select SD card as your storage path

Now, anytime you download a file picture, video or app using Google chrome, it will automatically be stored on the SD card.

How to use SD card as default storage for installing apps

  • Insert SD card into the designated slot and restart or power on your phone
  • Open settings and select storage
  • Select SD card to set it as the default storage location
  • Exit settings and go to the home screen. Select file browser or files manager
  • Select apps
  • Click and hold to select app or apps to be moved
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and select move
  • Select SD card
  • App move to the SD card

How to set SD Card as internal storage

  • Open settings and select storage. Click the menu button that is the vertical dots by the right corner of the memory card and select format as internal.
  • If you are unable to format as internal using the previous step,select storage settings. You will see the option to format as internal. Tap on it.
  • Tap on erase and format.
  • A prompt will pop up asking you to proceed or stop and retry with another SD card. This appears if your microSD card is too slow. That is why it is advisable to choose a faster SD card.
  • Tap on move. Now all apps will be moved to the SD card. Tap done when moving is complete.

Your phone will now recognize your SD card as an internal storage and its system will use it anytime you install new apps. They will be moved to SD card since it is now recognized as an internal storage.

How to install apps directly to Android Phone SD Card from Google Play Store

  • Insert SD card in designated slot
  • Select settings
  • Select storage. Activate the SD card and set it as the default storage location
  • Go to the home screen and open file browser and select apps. Choose app to be installed. the selected app will be installed to the SD card.
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How to use SD Card as default storage for camera’s photos and videos on Samsung Phone

  • Open camera app
  • Open settings for camera app by tapping on the gear icon
  • On the new page, select storage location.
  • You will be requested to choose SD card. Select the SD card as your storage location

How to use SD Card as default storage for camera’s photos and videos on Samsung from application settings

  • Open device settings
  • Select apps
  • Navigate and select camera
  • Select more settings
  • Tap on storage location and choose SD card

How to move videos and photos to SD card – Samsung

  • Open apps from Home screen
  • Tap on my files
  • Select device storage
  • In device storage, find the files you want to move to SD card
  • Tap more and select Edit
  • Check the box that appears next to the files you want to move
  • Tap more and then move
  • Tap SD card
  • In SD card page, locate where you want the files to be
  • Tap move to

How to save photos to SD card on Oreo, Pie or Android 10

By default, the camera app will not allow you to save photos or videos to SD card using any of these devices. If you really have to use SD card as the automatic storage location you can do the following

  • Set SD card as internal storage (Follow the steps explained earlier if you are not sure how to do that)
  • Download a camera app from Google Play Store and go to its settings to make SD card as default storage
  • Move old photos and videos to SD card manually

How to move photos and videos to SD Card on Android – LG

  • Open file manager and select All files
  • Tap internal storage
  • Go to the file or folder you want to move to the SD card. In this case where your photos and videos are saved
  • Tap the down arrow
  • Check the Box by the left of the file or folder 
  • Tap the SD card
  • Find a location in SD card you want to move photos and videos to
  • Tap move
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