How to add page numbers in Canva

How to add page numbers in Canva

Introducing numbered pages to a design has several benefits such as organizing the content pages.

Canva, on the other hand, lacks an automated page numbering tool, making adding pages more difficult than in other applications. Nevertheless, Canva still allows you to add pages.

How to add page numbers in Canva

There are 3 methods that can help us add page numbers to our projects in Canva. These are;

  • Using fancy number elements for page numbers
  • adding text boxes on pages
  • adding shapes

Using number elements for page numbers in Canva

  • On the editor screen, select the “Elements” tab from the left side panel.
  • In the search bar at the top of the Elements Gallery, type “numbers.”
  • Select the number style you want and drag and drop it onto the design page as seen below.
  • Adjust the size of the number by dragging the pill handles to either make it bigger or smaller.

NOTE: However, you cannot just choose “Duplicate page” and have the formatting transferred to the new page. You must manually insert the page numbers from the Elements gallery on each page. Furthermore, take in mind that the Elements collection has only a few alternatives. It’s not always feasible to obtain all of the available numbers for a given design.

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Adding text boxes on pages

  • To add a text box to the editor page of the project you’re working on, hit T on your keyboard.
  • By selecting the Text option on the left side panel and selecting from the numerous font combinations available, you may add text boxes.
  • To alter the text in the box, double-click it to highlight it.
  • Type ‘1’ on your keyboard
  • Drag the number to the desired location. You can, for example, click and drag the number to a page corner. You can also adjust the size of the number to suit your preference.
  • To improve the appearance of the text, pick the font style, font color, font size, and bold format by highlighting the texts and heading towards the editing toolbar at the top of the application.
  • Increase the number of pages in your project. Rather than clicking the Add page button, pick the Duplicate page symbol. You can keep adding pages without changing the formatting this way. Continue adding pages until you have the desired number of pages.
  • After adding the pages, edit the text boxes per page.
  • Simply double-click the respective text boxes again and input the appropriate page numbers.
  • Continue doing this until all of the numbers on the pages have been successfully updated.

Adding shapes and using them as placeholders

  • Select the “Elements” tab from the editor’s left-hand panel and select the shapes and line section
  • Click and drag your desired shape to the design you’re working on.
  • Click on the pill handles to change the shape’s size to fit your project
  • Dragging the newly scaled shape to the appropriate area on the page is a simple way to get it there.
  • Change the color of the square. Using the rainbow-colored “Plus” tile on the left, you may either use the pre-existing colors or add your own.
  • Tap and hold the T key on your keyboard or select the “Text” tab on the left side panel to enter text.
  • Double-click on the text field and type the number you want to replace it with.
  • By clicking and dragging the number to the corner where you originally positioned the shape, you may move it in front of it.
  • To add extra pages while keeping the layout, click the “Duplicate” option. Continue clicking the “Duplicate page” sign until you’ve added up all of the pages you’ll need for your project.

How to maintain your page numbers alignment in Canva

  • Simply activate the rulers option if you accidentally modified the page number alignment. Follow the steps below to do this
  • Click on the file button and select the rulers to option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Horizontal and vertical rulers appear at the top and side respectively
  • Simply drag the vertical and/or horizontal rulers toward the portion of the canvas where your page numbers are to establish the alignment lines.
  • What’s even better about utilizing Canva’s rulers tool is that the alignment is established and displayed for all of the pages in that project. You won’t have to do this for each new page you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Canva automatically add page numbers?

There’s no automatic button for adding page numbers in Canva. You would have to add the page numbers in Canva one after the other. Use the guide provided in this post to add page numbers in Canva.

How do I add a page in Canva?

Tap on a page thumbnail to select it. To add a new page after your selected page, tap Add page on the toolbar below the editor. To add a new page after the last page, tap next to it.

How do I merge pages in Canva?

To combine two Canva designs, choose and copy all of the components from one design and paste them into the other, which will blend the two.

Another alternative is to get a static picture of one of your designs and upload it into your other design if you don’t have many adjustments to do.

Can you change page numbers in PDF?

To modify page numbers on only chosen PDF pages, pick “Selected Pages” from the Page range menu. Then go to “Page Numbering” and select your preferred page numbering system or style. You may now enter the number with which you wish to begin numbering your PDF.

Can you change the ruler orientation once you’ve set it on the first page of your Canva project?

Because the rulers aren’t fixed in place, you may move the horizontal and vertical rulers you put to your project around. Whatever the placement, it will be visible on all pages.

What is the procedure for removing the rulers from the editor page?

Simply go to the File button on the menu bar and select the Show rulers option to delete the rulers you’ve created in Canva. Both the vertical and horizontal rulers will vanish when you click it.

Is it feasible to use the fancy style approach of adding page numbers to make double-digit page numbers?

You may arrange individual numbers to make double (or even triple) digits depending on the number type you pick. Simply position the cursor over those numbers to pseudo-group them, then hit Ctrl + G at the same time to combine them.

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