How to Add Title to Excel Chart

A newly constructed chart in Excel does not have a title by default. You can manually add a title to the chart to make it more understandable.

Additionally, you may quickly format, place, and delete chart titles. Using a variety of choices, we’ll learn how to add a title in Excel in this post, regardless of the version of Excel you are using.

You’ll also learn how to easily add axis data and automate or create a dynamic chart title.

Note that, The Excel Graph Title or chart title is usually added by default in Excel 2016 and later. However, this is not the case in Excel 2010, 2013, and older versions. We must manually add the title.

How to Add Title to A Chart

For excel 2016 and Later Versions

  • Click anywhere within the graph area, then click the green + symbol next to the upper right corner of the area border to add a title to the chart.

While editing graphs, Excel will display a list of chart items that you might find useful from the dropbox that appears after clicking on the “green + “sign.

When you choose ‘Chart Title,’ you’ll see a text box for the title appear in the chart area.

from here you can edit your chart title and input your preferred chart title in the title box. 

To change the orientation of your chart title or change how it is displayed, click on the black arrow that appears beside the chart title, and select the option preferred by you as displayed below.

Editing the Chart Title

Simply click into the text box to edit the chart title and insert whatever you wish. Let’s call this graph “Coffee Production.” As displayed above.

Formatting the Chart Title

You can modify the style of the title, the background color, and the outline of the chart title by right-clicking on the text and selecting Format from the menu that appears

All the above options can be accessed by clicking on the menu.

Changing the Font type and Font Size

You can alter the text size and type as well. So, click on the title once more and pick the entire section. You’ll find some options where you can change the font size and type to suit your needs.

You can also apply BOLD, ITALICS, and UNDERLINE formats to your title from this same drop-down menu as displayed below. 

For Excel 2010 and previous versions

In Excel 2010, if you pick this, the Chart Tools Tab will display, and we can now discover the Chart Tools with different tabs: Format and Design.

Click on the Design Tab

We’ll go to the drop-down menu and pick Charts Layout, then Add Chart Element. (In 2010, we pick the Layout tab from the Labels group.)

We’ll choose Chart Title and the desired position.

When we select the Centered Overlay option, the title may appear at the top of the chart without being resized. Picking the above, on the other hand, will quickly shrink the chart.

We’ll type the name we want for our chart by clicking within the Title box, highlighting the Chart Title, and typing it in.

How to Edit the Chart Name 

  • We’ll go to the Design tab, then Add Chart Element, Tap Chart Title, then select More Title options from the drop-down menu. We will be able to modify the color, font style, and other options here.
  • We proceed to Labels, Layout Tab, and then Chart Title in the More Title Options in Excel 2010.
  • We are able to quickly Format Chart Title by right-clicking on the Chart Title Box and selecting the Format Chart Title.

How to add axis title to excel charts

Irrespective of the charts we are working with, either 2D or 3D, we can always and easily add axis titles by following these simple procedures:

  • We will select the chart
  • Select the Design Tab and navigate to Charts Layout group
  • In the drop-down menu, we select Add Chart Element
  • Click on Axis Title to select between the axis titles to choose which we want to rename first. Here the name has been changed to ‘COUNTRIES’

How to Delete a chart title from excel 

We can do this in two ways. 

First option

  • We’ll right-click anywhere on the chart and go to the Chart Layouts group, where we’ll select Add Chart Element from the drop-down menu.
  • We’ll go with Chart Title and None as our options. Our chart title will be removed as a result of this.

Second Option

  • By clicking directly on the axis or chart title and pressing the erase button, we can easily remove it.
  • Alternatively, we can pick Delete from the dialogue window by right-clicking on the axis or chart title.

We can press Ctrl + Z or pick Undo from the Quick Access Toolbar if we have just typed in a new title and wish to alter it.

You can apply the same steps and procedures to delete the axis title from the chart

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