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Time, they say, is money. For that reason people do not want to be late and thus endeavour to use their time wisely. Alarm clocks have really played a major role in ensuring people are timely since the 15th century when the first alarm clock was built. In this modern-day, alarm clocks or devices do  not have to be big and heavy as the earliest ones which were 19 inches tall with heavy frameworks.

 Alarm clocks can be found on every mobile phone with the option to set different varieties of sounds to wake you up from bed or remind you of what you have scheduled.

 Today, we will be looking at ways of changing the sound of alarms on Android phones. 

  • Open your phone’s clock app
  • Tap alarm at the bottom or upper part of your screen depending on where the alarm tab is located
  • If you have already set an alarm, tap on the down arrow of the alarm you want to change its sound. More options will open
  • Tap on the bell icon or the name of sound already in use.
  • A list of Sounds will be displayed. Tapping on a sound will play the sound. Choose your preferred sound.

How to Change Alarm Sound On Samsung

  • Open clock app or swipe down the control panel and click on the date to open clock app
  • Select the alarm you want its sound changed
  • Select alarm sound
  • Tap ringtone
  • A list of Sounds will appear where you can choose your ideal sound
  • You can add song from music file by tapping on the add icon
  • A page showing your audio files will appear. Tap on the sound you would like as your alarm ringtone
  • You would be able to select a part of the chosen song you would like to ring when your alarm goes off
  • Tap done

Adding Vibration To Alarm’s Ringtone

  • Open clock app or swipe down the control panel and click on dates to open clock app
  • That alarm at the bottom or upper part of your screen depending on where the alarm is located
  • You will see a checkbox with vibration next to it. Tap once the checkbox to enable vibration. 

Adding Vibration To Your Alarm’s Ringtone In Samsung

  • Open clock app
  • Tap alarm you wish to edit
  • Tap vibration
  • Tap switch to enable vibration
  • Different vibration patterns will be displayed. Select your choice
  • Go to the previous page by clicking on the back arrow
  • Tap save

How To Change Alexa’s Alarm Sound And Volume on Amazon Oreo

Open Alexa app and tap the menu button at the top

  • Select reminders and alarms
  • You will see three options at the top of the page. Select the one that says “alarms” and tap settings at the bottom of the page
  • Select the Alexa Echo device you want to change its alarm sound
  • There will be three options. The first is the volume control. Use the slider to increase and decrease the volume. 
  • Select sound to change the alarm sound
  • A list of Sounds will be displayed in two groups. Celebrity, which plays the voice of various celebrities, actors and musicians telling you to wake up and sounds, with normal ringtone
  • Close the menu after selecting your preferred sound

How To Use Spotify Song As Your Alarm On Android

The feature to use Spotify song as your alarm it’s a new feature on Google clock app. Make sure your Spotify app is installed and up-to-date else this won’t work. Follow the steps below to set a Spotify song as your alarm Sound. 

  • Open clock app
  • Select alarm you want to change its sound or tap on the ad icon to create a new alarm
  • Tap on the bell icon
  • Tap on Spotify music
  • The list of music on Spotify with show up select the one you want to use as your alarm sound or search the title of the song by clicking on the search button
  • Exit the page.  The sound you selected will play at the time your alarm is set to

Add Custom Alarm Sound to Your Android Phone’s Alarm Sounds

It is possible to customise the alarm sound on your Android device you can bring use a song or music file on your phone

  • Open settings
  • Tapping sound
  • Select advanced and tap default alarm sound
  • A list of sounds to show up on add icon
  • Locate your sound and select it
  • Tap ok

How to increase volume of alarm on android

  • Press the lower volume button of your phone. 
  • A volume slider will appear. Click on the arrow to show hidden items. 
  • On the alarm slider drag the pointer to the right to increase the volume

Increase alarm volume from settings

  • Open settings
  • Select sound
  • At the top of the page you’ll see three sliders showing three different sound types
  • Drag the alarm volume slider to the left to decrease the volume and to the right to increase the volume
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