How to change Background of Messages app

Being able to customize the settings of your smartphone is definitely a flex. This customization power can be used in changing the background of the text message app on your Android device.

There are basically two ways in doing this. Shortly, you will get to know these two ways and how they work.

If you like watching videos, then this video will help you to change the background colour of the messages app

Method 1:

The first and readily available method to change the background of messenge app is by changing the mode. That is, from light mode to dark mode.

Doing this is very simple

  • Open your messenge app
  • Tap on the three vertical dot to open the menu
  • On the list of options, tap on enable dark mode. This will immediately change the theme of the app.
  • You can follow the above steps to change the theme back to the light mode. However, in this way, much cannot be done.

Method 2:

This method involves the use of third-party message applications. There are many free message apps available that you can use as your default messages app to give you a more aesthetic feel.

Third-party messages apps

  • Textra SMS: This app can replace your stock Android messaging app with a customizable, beautiful, and responsive alternative.

Hundreds of different theme designs, bubble and icon colors and styles, and a plethora of emojis from other platforms are available.

It includes features beyond simple style customization, such as the option to plan messages and send them at a later time, as well as the ability to switch between dark, light, and auto-night settings.

  • Chomps: Chomps comes with a slew of features that make customizing functions enjoyable for a truly unique texting experience.

The possibilities are unlimited, from the LED colors, ringtones, and vibration patterns of notifications to the screen color, font size, text style, and background wallpapers!

All of these services are free to use, but you can remove the advertising with an in-app purchase.

  • Handcent next SMS: Combining beauty with usefulness, Handcent is a messaging app that can make your life not only easier, but also stylish.

It is supported on all your devices so you can check and send messages from your PC, Mac or tablet without disrupting your workflow by checking your Android phone texting app every so often.

You can also reply quickly and seamlessly to messages as they pop up without opening the app. With this app, you can receive and reply to your messages even on the go through your smartwatch thanks to its Wear OS support.

To ensure total privacy, you can add a passcode to encrypt your messages and keep them safe from prying eyes.

Finding what you’re looking for within your inbox is no longer a hassle when you can pin your favorite contacts to the top and see them first or simply use the search tool to sift through your messages based on time, type, or whichever filter is most useful to you.

Change Background Colour on Samsung

  • On your device, open the Messages app.
  • Start a new conversation.
  • At the upper right corner, tap the three vertical dots (Menu).
  • Select the Customize Wallpaper option.
  • Now select a color from the drop-down menu and tap Done.
  • Now, on your Samsung Galaxy devices, alter the color of the text message backdrop.

Change Background of Messages+ on (Verizon)

Messages+ is the messaging app that comes with Verizon devices and it has its unique way of having its background customized.

  • Open messages+ app
  • Tap on the menu button. A list of options will be displayed.
  • Tap on the customize option.
  • Tap on backgrounds
  • You will now be able to change the background with available themes or from the colour preset

Change Whatsapp Chat Background

WhatsApp which is one of the most commonly used messaging app has the option to have its background customized with images or just plain colours.

Here is a video illustrating exactly how to change the background of messages in Whatsapp

  • Open Whatsapp and tap on the menu
  • Select settings
  • In the settings page, tap on chats and select wallpaper.
  • Tap on change.
  • You will see available options of wallpaper or backgrounds. Select your preferred choice.

How to change the background in messenger

This video right here will help you change the background of the messenger app

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