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Google docs is a great word processing software that is used by a lot of people around the globe. Due to its lack of restrictions and flexible nature, many people prefer using it to its alternatives on the market. The flexibility of google docs gives users the opportunity to customize their documents. A google docs document typically has a white background for each page set by default. However, if you want to change the page color in google docs you can easily do that.

In this guide, you will get to know all about how to change page color in google docs on any device that you are using.

We will therefore look at how to change page color in Google docs when using the popular Google docs web app, the mobile app (Android and iOS), and on the iPad as well.

How to change page color in Google docs using the web app

The Google docs web app can be accessed with the URL ( This option is very popular amongst users of Google docs and has the most level of flexibility relative to all the other Google Docs options available (mobile phones and iPads).

In 5 simple steps, you will get to know how to change page color in google docs. Let’s go.

Step 1: Open your document

In your google docs account, open the document you wish to customize. This could be an existing document or a new document. To start with a new document, you can just type the URL (

The default background color that will come with the page is white. Hence the purpose of this guide is to help you change the white background color to a color of your choice. This comes in handy when you have brand colors that you need to use for all your documents.

Step 2: Click on File

“File” is one of the menu items present on the menu ribbon in Google docs. It appears as the first menu item on the ribbon directly below your page name.

Step 3: Click on Page setup

After clicking File, you will be presented with a dropdown menu. Scroll to the bottom and locate Page setup. Click on page setup.

Step 4: Locate page color on pop-up window

After clicking the page setup menu item, you will receive a pop-up window. On that pop-up window, locate page color. It will usually be filled with the current default color which is more likely than not to be white color.

Click on the drop-down just beside the color to reveal all the other color options available.

This brings up all the available color options as you can see on the image below. Click on any of the colors to choose it as your page’s background color.

If you, however, cannot find the exact color that you are looking for, then you can click on the plus icon below “Custom” to allow you to choose a specific color. Note that you can also search for a custom color using a hex code. So, if you have the hex code for your brand colors, it will make your search for that color easy.

Step 5: Click OK to apply changes

Once you are satisfied with the color you have chosen, you will need to apply that color to your document. Just proceed to click on the “OK” button to apply these changes. Immediately you do that, the background color of your document will be updated to the new color you have chosen.

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How to set default page color for Google docs

The page color change done above will only apply to the current page that you are working on. However, if you are interested in making this color change last and should be used in any subsequent document that you create, then you have to take an additional step.

The additional step will be to click the “set as default‘ button after choosing the color you want.

Important Notes on changing Google Docs page color

Note 1: 

After setting the selected color as your default page background color, it will only apply to your current document as well as all future documents you create. It will not be applied to all previously created documents.

If you want to have the same page background color for all the previously created documents then you would have to do it manually for each of them.

Note 2:

After changing the page background color, you may also need to change the font color for the written content. The default font color is black. So, if you choose a page background color that has poor contrast with the black color then you may find it difficult to see what has been written. 

In that case, you will need to change the color of your fonts as well.

To change the font color, select all the text on your document. You can easily do that with the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + A).

Then click on the font color icon (represented by a capital A with a black or colored bar beneath it). Go ahead and choose the new color for your font. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will change the font color to white. Check the images below to see.

Note 3:

If after setting your default page color, you realize that you no longer need that specific color for your future documents or need to reset it back to the original background color, you will have to follow similar steps as you did to change the color. Here is the summary of the steps:

  • Click on File on the top toolbar or menu ribbon
  • Scroll down on the dropdown menu item and click on page setup
  • On the pop-up window, locate the page color option. Click the dropdown caret to show you the various colors
  • Choose the white color which is located at the top right corner of the suggested colors
  • Click on set as default button then finish it by clicking on the “OK” button to apply the original white background color to the current document and all future documents

Note 4:

As it stands now, Google Docs doesn’t allow you to have different page colors for different pages within the same document. The background color change process explained above will change the color for all your pages at a go. 

How to change the page color of google docs on a mobile device (Android and iOS) and IPAD

The google docs on android and iOS can also allow you to make changes to the color in google docs. To do this,

  • Open the google docs app
  • Open the document you wish to edit
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen
  • Choose page setup
  • Select page color
  • Pick a color of your choice. You can also pick the shade of that color you want.
  • Then tap the arrow on the top left to go back to your document and you’ll see your new background color applied.
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