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Google docs is one of the best word processing software in the world and it is used by a lot of people. One of the reasons why it is very popular is because it allows users of the platform to communicate among each other about specific parts of a document without having to send emails, text messages or calling them. 

This is achieved with the use of the comment feature. This feature allows users to add notes, suggestions or questions for other people working on the same document. Comments are also another way for teachers or supervisors to add specific notes for the student or subordinate who worked on the document. 

The user to which the comments are addressed to may do one of three things;

  • Resolve the comments
  • Reply to the comments
  • Delete the comments

Let’s therefore take a look at how to do all these four things:

  1. how to comment on Google docs
  2. How to resolve comments in Google docs
  3. How to reply to comments on Google docs
  4. How to delete comments on Google docs

Comments on google docs can be added and deleted at any time. You can even tag someone in the comment. This ensures that only a specific person or group of people can see your comment.

How to comment on Google docs

There are quite a number of ways to add comments to a google docs document and we will explore all of them in this post.

Method 1: Adding comment from within the content or text itself

  • Open google docs on your pc and open the document you wish to edit or add a comment to. Below is the sample Google docs we are going to use for the illustration.

  • Highlight the text in your document that you want to make a comment on by selecting the part of interest. 

From here, you can add a comment by right clicking on the highlighted text and selecting ‘ comment’ from the pop-up menu that appears. This will make your highlighted text turn yellow and a comment box will open in the right-hand margin.

  • Input your comment into the box and click on the blue comment button when done.

Method 2: Add comment from the Insert tab

  • Click on the Insert tab on the top menu bar found in between the View and Format tabs. 
  • Then select the comment option from among the dropdown menu. You can equally use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + M to achieve the same results after highlighting your text
  • You will find a pop up at the right corner of your doc where you can add your comments. Input your comments into the input box
  • After typing in your comment, click the blue comment button

Method 3: Add comment using the comment icon at the right margin

It is worth noting that, the moment you highlight or select a text within Google docs, it automatically brings up the comment icon. This comment icon shows up at the right margin to where the text has been selected.

It appears as a blue chat icon with a plus symbol inside it and on hovering your mouse over it, you will find the tool tip “Add comment”.

Therefore, to use this method, go ahead and select the text of interest and click on the add comment icon.

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Method 4: Add comment using the comment icon at the top toolbar

Google docs have made a lot of things very easy and one of such is the commenting feature. It therefore provides a lot of means to add comments to your content. One of these means is through the use of the comment icon at the top toolbar.

With the comment icon at the toolbar, it becomes active whenever your cursor is within a block of text. To use it, just click within the part of your content where you want to add the comment to activate the comment icon.

Afterwards, locate the comment icon at the top and click on it.

How to tag someone with a comment in Google docs

If you want to direct a comment to a specific individual, then you would have to tag him/her. Follow the steps below to tag a user in Google docs.

To tag someone, type the @ symbol and start typing their email address. Then select them from your list of contacts. If you tag someone who doesn’t already have access to the document, Google will ask you to share the document with them before posting your comment.

How to comment in google docs using a mobile device

You can also make a comment on google docs with the use of a mobile device be it an android or iOS device. All you need is the google docs app to be installed on your phone. 

Here is how to comment in google docs on a mobile device

  • Open the google docs on your phone (android or iPhone)
  • Open the document you wish to edit or drop a comment on
  • Select the text that you’d like to comment on to make it highlighted
  • Select add comment’ or comment from the pop-up menu
  • Enter your comment and then tap on the blue checkmark located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  • Your text will now be highlighted yellow

How to reply to comments in Google docs

The essence of a comment is to bring something to the attention of someone. At the end of the day, a comment may get replies from the user it was aimed for. It is therefore important for you to know how to reply to comments in Google docs.

In order to reply to a comment. Click on the specific comment at the right side of your document.

On clicking on the particular comment, a reply input box shows beneath the comment. When you start typing into the reply input box, the blue reply button becomes activated. Go ahead and type your reply to the comment in the input box. Once you are done, click on the blue reply button to submit your reply to the selected comment.

How to resolve comments in Google docs

Another important use of comments in Google docs is to identify and report issues that are identified with the document. To facilitate this use of Google docs, there is an inbuilt feature that allows you to report the resolution of any problems raised.

Hence to resolve a comment in Google docs basically means reporting that you have solved a problem that was pointed out to you by other reviewers of the documents through their comments.

In order to resolve a comment in Google docs, follow the steps below;

  • Locate the comment that you want to report as resolved.
  • You will find a blue mark beside the comment
  • When you hover over that blue mark, you see “Mark as resolved and hide discussion”
  • Click on the blue mark to indicate that you have resolved the issue
  • This will hide the comment. However, the comments, replies and all resolved comments will still appear in comment history

It is also worth noting that a comment that has been resolved can be re-opened as an unresolved comment. This means that if you are the reviewer and the other user who reported a resolution of the comment actually failed to resolve the problem you identified, you can re-open the comment. Do this by going to the comment history and clicking on re-open for that specific comment.

How to access comment history

In order to access the comment history in any Google docs, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + A

The other means of accessing the comment history is by clicking on the comment history icon at the top ribbon. Check the image below to see where to locate the comment history icon.

A click on the comment history icon, will show a list of all comments and replies received.

You can reopen resolved comments or edit comments from the three dots beside each comment in the list of comments.

How to delete comments in Google docs

To delete any comment, you can do so by clicking on the comment directly or by using the comment history (CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + A).

Once the comment is opened or the list of comments in the history show up, click on the three tops and click on the delete menu item.

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