how to create a table chart in canva

After a period of using Canva, you begin to believe that everything should be available at the press of a button.

Tables are important in all types of graphics. Perhaps you’d like an infographic with statistics on it.

Perhaps you’re making printouts and want an empty table for users to fill up when they print the page.

However, unless you’re creating a chart, Canva lacks a specialized table maker.

Making and adding a table is one of them, and it just takes a minute or so depending on how elaborate you want to make it. Let’s get straight to it.

How to create a table chart in Canva (the new and easy way)

Creating a Table using the canva table feature

Thankfully, canva has introduced a cool new feature that makes creating tables a great and easy way. This is an awesome feature that can be used to make daily plans, calendars and organize schedules in a more suitable way and we will dive right into it to see how to get on with it.

The steps below will guide you to do this and it is aided by pictures to make sure you get your desired results in a simple and quick way without stress and sweat.

Click on create a design at the top right corner of your canva application.

Navigate to the left side of your menu to and select ‘elements’

In your elements section, scroll down to the table row.

There’s a variety of tables to choose from as shown below. Select the template and color of your choice and get right into editing it. every aspect of the table is editable

Double click on your desired table format and it will appear in your working area for you to work on it.

When we click on the three dots that appear on the side of the table and at the top, we get a lot of options that include adding additional columns and rows to our already existing table.

After that we might want to insert some text into our table. We head over to the side panel and click on the text button to add texts to our table. We can change the font size, style and font color all from the font menu that appears at the top of the table when we click on the font button.

Cells in the table could be formatted individually to add specific features to them. This could be done by double-clicking the cell and clicking on the border feature that appears at the top of the table. Here you could change the color, and border thickness or thinness of a cell.

Color of various rows could be changed by pressing CTRL key and selecting the desired rows. You can then click on the color button to change the color of those rows to fit your work or project

To change the color of our entire table, we can select the table and then click on the color feature to apply this effect.

How to make a simple table in canva (the old way)

Video on how to create a table in Canva

How to make a simple table in canva

Begin by generating a document in the size you want the completed product to be.

Decide how many columns you want and if they should all be the same size or whether some should be larger than others.

If you choose, you may add a header to your article by clicking on the TEXT button and selecting the header you prefer. You can edit it and give it the heading you want suitable for your table. This will typically be a different color so that it stands apart from the rest of the table.

Adding a shape to your document. Simply navigate to “Elements” and select a square or rectangle. This is going to be your table cell.

Change the size of the Shape. Now, adjust the shape to fit the cell dimensions. I enlarged a square into a rectangle; however, you may easily just take a rectangle.

Shape Duplication. Once you’ve determined the size of your cell, copy and paste it. This is repeated as many times as necessary depending on the number of required columns.

Row duplication. Once you’ve filled up your row with cells, select all of the shapes (the complete row) and copy and paste. Repeat for as many rows as you require.

Finally your table has been created nicely. But what if you want to create your table using lines and not shapes as seen above? The steps below will guide you through it.

How to create table with lines in canva

The lines’ function is another option to design a table from scratch inside Canva.

This design type creates a simple table, similar to a spreadsheet, but that you can deal with directly within Canva.

To add lines to table columns and rows, click to the Elements tab and pick Lines.

You may use any lines you like for this, but I’ll demonstrate using a basic, straight line.

Insert the very first lines at the top of the page, or underneath it if you want a header.

Then replicate it and move the second line all the way to the bottom of the table.

Now duplicate the lines and move them to the sides of the table. Then you can have the border lines of your table. Also, you can use the duplicated lines as columns of division.

Now to perfectly place all your lines in a perfect fit, select all your lines or the entire table, click on ‘position’ and select the ‘tidy up’ button to straighten the lines.

If you like, you may then add features like a text box for a header cell, a backdrop color, or even cell properties.

You may then use the design to create anything from infographics to printables.

Fortunately, Canva users may download your table template as a PDF file. If you’re interested in learning more about this phase, keep reading.

When your table is complete and ready to share (including locking the whole table template), click the “Download” button in the white toolbar above the project template.

Choose “Standard PDF” as the file type to download. You may accomplish this by selecting “File type” from the dropdown menu just below the Download option.

After that, open the Canva PDF file you obtained in a PDF reader such as PDFEscape.

Using the “Form field” option on the left-side menu, add a text box to the fields where you want others to annotate content.

Frequently asked questions

Can you create a table in Canva?

The lines function is another option to design a table from scratch inside Canva. This design type creates a simple table, similar to a spreadsheet, but that you can deal with directly within Canva. What exactly is this? To add lines to table columns and rows, click to the Elements tab and pick Lines.

How do you make a grid on Canva?

Including grids in your design

Click Elements from the editor’s side panel.

Enter “grid” into the search bar. The grid options will be shown.

to utilize a grid, click on it and drag it to the page.

What is a table chart?

A table chart is a way to organize data into rows and columns. Tables are used extensively in all forms of communication, research, and data analysis.

Tables can be found in text, handwritten notes, computer software, architectural decoration, traffic signs, and a variety of other locations.

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