how to create an ebook in canva

Wondering how to create an e-book in Canva?

Electronic books popularly called ebooks, or digital journals, are the electronic medium in which authors currently publish their works.

From the convenience of your mobile devices and PCs, you may read your favorite novel or study for examinations.

Canva makes it incredibly simple to create aesthetically appealing and unified eBooks. And, with its templates and drag-and-drop capabilities, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never created before. You may build an eye-catching, professional-looking eBook.

You’re either wanting to design a cover for your eBook while the material is being written, or you want to build a complete eBook from start to finish. You can easily do either of these with Canva.

Below is a step-by-step procedure tutored in such a simple and precise manner to aid you to create your new ebook with Canva with speed and ease.

We begin by designing our ebook cover. The most important part of our project as it is what attracts readers.

How to create an ebook in Canva [Video]

Here is a step by step guide to creating an ebook in Canva

How to create an ebook cover in Canva

Here is a simple video showing you how to create an ebook cover in Canva

Sign in to your Canva account or create a new one if you don’t have one already. Once you’re logged in, click the “Create a design” button.

A pop-up menu appears. In the search space of the menu, type the ebook cover.

The eBook cover templates will emerge. Canva features templates for a variety of genres, including thrillers, romances, cookbooks, and inspirational stories. Look through the templates to pick one that suits you most.

If going through all of the styles without any genre categorization is too overwhelming, click the ‘blank’ option to start creating your ebook cover in Canva from scratch.

You will find an option, templates on the left side. To filter down the templates, go to it and put the genre of book you want to create into the search area.

In our case, let’s go with the genre ‘adventure’. In some cases, ‘watpad ebook covers category’ will be suggested in addition to a ‘for you’ section based on your past choices.

The template you select will be totally editable, from the picture to the text and everything in between.

Each individual part will be highlighted in blue, and groupings will be marked with dotted lines. You may even alter the components’ color or font without replacing them.

Even the minute components of the cover is editable and can be replaced with something else or completely removed.

As you can see from the above covers, there is the original and the edited one done to suit my preference. Makes it easy and super cool to design any ebook cover.

Then, after you’re finished, click the ‘Download’ option to save the cover in PNG (recommended), JPG, or PDF file formats.

Now that we have successfully created our ebook cover, let’s get right into the content. How do we go about that?

You can always get inspiration from other people’s ebook designs. You can download ebooks for free using this guide.

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How to create the content of your ebook in Canva

In your search bar, type in ebook as the keyword. When you put a term into the search field, one of the suggested possibilities that appear beneath it is usually what you’re searching for, and clicking on it will lead you to the templates for the selected category.

However, in this scenario, the sole proposed alternative is ‘Ebook Cover.’ Instead of clicking it, you should use the enter key after entering ‘ebook.’

This will now display the templates for eBooks of all categories. Some of these templates will also have numerous pages, and we’ll be looking for one of these. Although you may build an eBook from scratch, using a template will make the process simpler and faster.

Hover your mouse over a template you like. If it contains more than one page, it will say so in the bottom-left corner of the thumbnail.

If the template contains say, four pages, it will read ‘1 of four pages’ and they will begin previewing in the thumbnail.

Click on your desired template and it will automatically redirect you to a second window asking you your preferred pages to add in your editor.

In our case, we click all four pages. As soon as it’s done, the template appears in the editor ready to be worked on.

Everything in the template may be changed. Let us begin with the cover page and the same goes for the rest of the pages.

Canva has a plethora of design options, from photographs and graphics to fonts and filters – go all out when designing your eBook. The options are virtually limitless.

It is also vital to keep to a theme or structure so that it doesn’t appear like a jumble of random parts. Each page of your eBook may be thought of as a single design page, and it can be designed in Canva just like any other post type.

You can duplicate a page and change it to expand the number of pages in your book. For example, the plot in the book requires additional pages. Go to page 4 of this template and click the ‘Duplicate’ option to add a similar page. Your Canva eBook may contain up to 100 pages.

Soon as you are done and satisfied with your project, you can click the share button at the top. The download button appears. Click on the download button to download your masterpiece.

Choose ‘PDF’ from the list of file formats. Keep all pages selected under Pages unless you don’t want particular pages. Then press the ‘Download’ button.

Your ebook is now ready for publishing.

Are the pages in the ebook numbered?

The format of the page number is one of the most essential concerns that people frequently ask while generating an eBook. And, of course, it’s still front and center when making one with Canva. Will your Canva-created eBook include page numbers like a traditional book? The simple answer is no. 

Check this post out in case you want to know how to insert page numbers in your ebook.

How to add page numbers in Canva

If you choose, you can manually insert a page number on each page. However, unless you’re writing a set layout eBook, it’s not recommended.

Because most eBooks feature a reflowable layout, the font or screen size may vary based on the device and settings. As a result, the content of each page may vary.

Now, if you’ve developed an index and entered page numbers for chapters in a reflowable eBook, your reader may not discover the chapter on the specified page number due to device or configuration changes. It usually breeds chaos and perplexity.

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