how to create custom letterhead in Canva

Letterheads are one of the important documents every organization or business entity requires. Sometimes individuals like you may also want to have their own letterheads or create their own letterhead for a small business or startup company.

You can use Canva to create your own letterhead if you are not ready to spend huge sums of money for professional designers to create them for you. In fact, Canva makes the process of creating the letterhead quite easy. Even a tech novice or tech naïve person should be able to create a stunning letterhead for their business using Canva.

In this post, you will learn how to create your own letterhead from scratch using Canva.

How to design a letterhead in Canva

In order to begin your letterhead design in Canva, you have to, first of all, establish the actual size of your letterhead. Most letterheads are designed with the US letter size or A4 size. Fortunately, when using Canva, these are part of the default sizes, so you don’t need to know them off-head. However, in case you just want to know for knowing sake, their respective sizes are:

  • US letter: 8.5inches x 11inches
  • A4 document: 21cm x 29.7cm

Steps to follow to create a letterhead in Canva (On desktop)

  • Create a Canva account if you don’t already have one. Click here to sign up
  • Continue to log in if you already have an account or you just created one
  • Click on create design button at the top right corner
  • A search box will open up within which you can search for the size you want to use based on the sizes template (A4 document or US letter document)
  • Start searching for the word letter

You are presented with a lot of options from which you can choose one. When you hover on any of the suggestions, you get to see the actual size of that templated size. Either of the following suggestions can be used:

  • Letter
  • Letterhead
  • US document
  • Santa letter
  • Cover letter
  • Business letter
  • Personal letterhead
  • Law firm letterhead
  • Church letterhead

However, what should guide you to choose the right one is that even though they all give you the same sizes, they wouldn’t present to you the same design templates. You will find out more about these templates soon.

  • After clicking on any one of them, Canva will automatically open up a new tab where all the work will be done. For the sake of this tutorial, click on the letterhead templated size.

Below is an image showing what the new tab opened up by Canva looks like. You have various letterhead design templates on the left-hand side, and a blank letterhead canvas in the middle.

  • The next thing to do is to give this file you are about to work on a unique name. By default, the file will be named “untitled design – A4”. There are two ways to rename the file. The first way is to locate the default name at the top middle portion adjacent to the “try Canva Pro” button.
  • Click within the default name and you will be able to delete it and type out the new name you want to give it. The other way is to click on “File” which is located at the top left side next to “Home”.
  • On the popup that appears, you will find the current name of the file with an edit pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon to edit your file.
  • Then go ahead and type the name you want to give the file. Give it an easily identifiable name (your company name and add the word letterhead eg: techpady’s letterhead). Click the Enter key on your keyboard once you are done.
  • The next step is to get a nice and professional letterhead template from the various templates presented to work with. Note that you can equally design everything from scratch as well but may be more demanding if you don’t already know your way around Canva.
  • The templates presented have been grouped into various categories. Some of the common categories available include:
    • Artist letterhead
    • Business letterhead
    • Law firm letterhead
    • Personal letterhead
    • Church letterhead
    • Charity letterhead
    • Graphic Design letterhead
    • Creative letterhead
    • All results

You can scroll through all the designs available to choose what you like or you can search for a specific thing using the search box on top of the templates. Let’s assume, you want a letterhead for a business, you can go ahead and search for the word “business” as shown below;

Scroll through the templates and if you come across one that you would like to use, just click on it and it will be automatically loaded on the blank canvas.

NOTE: All the designs with the brown crown on them are not for free. If you use any of those templates you are going to pay for them. How much you pay will depend on how many Canva premium elements were used on that template.

The template chosen here has about four different things forming the header and just some blue line/rectangle forming the footer. The things forming the header are:

  • A logo
  • Company Name
  • Slogan
  • Contact & Address

Let’s go ahead and edit them.

You basically have to replace each of the items with your company’s.

  • Delete the logo. To delete the logo, click on it and click on the delete key on your keyboard or right click on it and click on delete from the options that comes up.
  • Upload your own logo. To upload your own logo, you can drag it from wherever it is on your computer unto Canva or click on the uploads menu item on the left pane menu, then click on the upload media button. Select the image (i.e. your logo). The image you upload will be part of the images under your uploads. Drag it from there unto the part of your letterhead that you would want the logo

Most times, the size of your logo may be bigger so you would have to resize it. When resizing, do so from the diagonals in order to keep the aspect ratio of the image. After resizing, position the logo in the right spot as you want it.

  • Go ahead and change the name of the company to your own name, change the slogan and the address.
  • I usually like a line separating the header from the body content so let’s introduce a line. Click on elements. Search for “lines” and drag and drop the specific one you would like to use. Resize it to fit how you want it.
  • Now, it’s time to change the colors to suit your brand. To change the color of any item, first select that item and check the top menu for options to change the color.
  • To change the color of the text for the company name, click on the company name. A new set of menu items will appear on top of the canvas. Click on the “A” with a color under it. Now go ahead and choose the color you want.

Note, you can as well change the font style, size, spacing and the likes if you want.

  • For the footer, you may also change the color and also add other elements to it if you wish. Some of the commonly added elements to the footer includes: – Th company’s slogan, date, contact details or address.
  • To change the color of the footer rectangle as we have it in this template, click on the rectangle. On the new top menu, you will find a small square colored the same way the selected rectangle is colored. Click on that to bring up the color options.
  • After changing the color, your letterhead is almost ready. Make your final edits. In this example, I increased the size of the rectangle at the footer. Put in the slogan, added a design element to provide some patterns on the rectangle.
  • You can check the video out to see how I added all those other things and the whole process of crating the letterhead.
techpady’s letterhead designed in Canva

Now that your letterhead design is done, you have one out of three possible options to go with.

  • Delete the content and save your work as a template for future use
  • Delete the content and download as PDF to be printed. This option is helpful if you use a typewriter at work. You will usually have to insert a paper with your letterhead already printed on it into the typewriter
  • Delete the content and save it an image to be used to create a template in Microsoft Word as a letterhead template
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How to save Canva letterhead as template for future use

Obviously, your letterhead will be needed in the future and therefore you would have to save it for such a purpose. If you are working with other people, you may want them to also have access to it. Follow the steps below to save it as a Canva template

Click on the share button at the top right

Click on the dropdown icon beside the edit hyperlink

  • Choose the second option “Share a link to use as template
  • Go ahead and click on “copy link” hyperlink
  • You can then share the link with anyone else. They will have a copy of the letterhead and will be able to make edits to it without affect your original copy.
  • Note that in your own account, you would have to be duplicating the page to create new letters or duplicate the design itself when you go to all designs in your Canva home page all designs folder.

How to download Canva letterhead as PDF

  • Delete the content of the letter
  • Click on the download button at the top right
  • Under file type, click the dropdown
  • Choose the PDF print option
  • Go ahead and click on the download button
  • After downloading, you can save it in a cloud drive or on your device for future use or go ahead and print copies to be used by your typewriter machines.

How do you make a Canva letterhead in Word

Most companies, use Microsoft Word for their write-ups. If you are going to also do the same, then the most appropriate way is to have your Canva design saved as a Microsoft word template.

The advantage of having the Canva letterhead design is you can reuse it anytime you want without needing to make any changes.

Follow the steps below to add your letterhead designed in Canva to a Word document and save it as a template.

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Create a new blank document
  • Click on insert tab
  • Click on header under the header and footer group
  • Click on Edit header at the bottom of the popup
  • An empty header appears on the blank document as shown below
  • Click on the insert tab again
  • Click on Pictures under the illustrations group
  • Choose insert image from this device
  • Go ahead and select the particular image you want to use i.e. the letterhead image you downloaded from Canva
  • You realize that the design is placed in the center with empty spaces around it. You have to adjust it to fill up all the space since you used same size when you were designing in Canva.
  • In order for Microsoft Word to permit you to stretch it the way you want you have to override it margins and borders. This you do by dragging the markers on the rulers. Let the white color on the rulers fill it all up by dragging from where the white color ends to the exact end of each ruler as you can see below.
  • Now you can go ahead and stretch your design. Click on it and stretch it from the diagonals. The outcome is as shown below. If you find it difficult to achieve this on your own, watch the video to see exactly how I did it.
  • The alternative is to follow the next set of steps. I will show you a simpler way to achieve same results.
  • A few more touches are needed to make it ready for use.
  • Right-click on it and choose size and position
  • Click on the Text wrapping tab
  • Then choose Behind text so that the letterhead design will act as a watermark and not interfere with the content that you may type into your document.
  • If you couldn’t get your letterhead design to fit exactly as you want it then, click on the size tab.
  • Make sure absolute is chosen under both height and width.
  • Change the value of the absolute height to 27.86 cm and the absolute weight to 21.72 cm.
  • Click OK to apply the changes
  • Click on close header and footer with the red icon (with the X symbol) at the top right corner. You will realize that the design blurs out. It is normal, the letterhead is in the background and will appear clear when you save it as a PDF or when you print it out.
  • Now let’s go ahead and create the part where the content of your letter will go.
  • Click on insert tab
  • Click on Text Box under the text group on the ribbon
  • Choose draw text box
  • Go ahead and draw a text box within the space where you would like the content to go. It is illustrated in the image below:
  • Now, the next step is for you to remove the outline for the text box created.
  • Once the Format tab is selected (it is by default), click on shape outline
  • Choose no outline
  • Now go ahead and save the document as a template
  • Click on file at the top left corner
  • Click on Save, then browse
  • Input the file name that you want
  • Change the “Save as type” to Word template (*.dotx)

NB: You also have to take note of where the template will be saved so in case you want to share it with others you know where to copy it from. In the example above, it will be saved in the Documents folder.

  • Now your Canva letterhead design is ready as a Word document template and can be reused any time you want.
  • If your template was saved into the Custom templates folder, you will find it anytime you want to create a new document.

How to use the letterhead template created in Microsoft Word

Open up Microsoft Word

  • Click on Personal tab below the Blank document
  • You will find your template there if it was saved as into the custom templates folder. If not, follow the steps below to add your template (this also applies if someone else sent you a template to use)
  • If your template isn’t available there, you will need to move it from wherever you kept it into the Custom Office Templates folder which is usually within the Documents folder. On my computer, the direct path to it is C:\Users\Ehoneah Obed\Documents\Custom Office Templates.
  • So copy the template into that specific folder.

Now, you will find your template when you click on the Personal tab as shown below:

  • Go ahead and click on the template you want to use (techpady letterhead in this case)
  • The letterhead opens up and you can go ahead to type in the content of the letter.

PS: If after going through all these steps, you still don’t feel comfortable about creating your own letterhead or feel that the process is a bit overwhelming and would rather want to hire a professional to do it for you so as to save you both time and energy, then we still got your back.

Hire our design agency to provide you with a more professional letterhead in the most presentable form.

Reach out to us now by placing a request on our website (service request page) and we will respond to you as quickly as possible and get you your dream letterhead.

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