MLA formatting in Google docs

MLA formatting is a guideline for formatting professional work such as academic or research papers. It was originally established by the Modern Languages Association. MLA is currently used in the fields of literature and language. MLA was made to ensure the submitted work remain consisted and uniform. 

If you use Google Docs for your academic or research papers, there is a Google Docs template that you can use but you can also do that manually. 

In this article guide, you will get to know how to do MLA formatting on google docs, be it manually or with a template. Stick around to the end.

What is MLA formatting

It is a formatting style guideline introduced by the Modern Languages Association which is used in the fields of literature and language. It was made to ensure that works that were submitted for review were consistent and uniform. MLA guidelines include the following

  • One-inch margins on the top, bottom and sides
  • Indent the first word in every paragraph by one half inch
  • Times New Roman font, size 12
  • Indent block quotations by one inch
  • Double-space the entire paper
  • Your last name and the page number in the top-right of the header of every page
  • Your full name, instructor’ name, course name and due date at the top of the first page
  • The title centralized on the first page
  • A Works Cited page at the end of the doc (with sources correctly formatted)

How to use an MLA format template in google docs

Google Docs report MLA add-on is one template that you can easily use for MLA formatting. Here is how to use it.

  1. Open a document or new document that you want to add the template to
  2. Then click on file
  3. Select new and choose the ‘from template option’
  4. The template gallery will open in a separate browser tab. Scroll down to the Education section and select Report MLA Add-on.
  5. A new document will open with a sample text that you can replace with your own. The formatting for the document will already be in place. You won’t need to change anything but the words.

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How to manually do MLA formatting in google docs

In case you do not want to use the template or if the template isn’t to your liking, you can manually set up MLA format in google docs. Here’s how

  • Change the font type and font size to Times New Roman and 12
  • Then select insert
  • Choose the headers and & footers option
  • Click on the header button
  • Take note that the font for the header changes back to the default. Change it to font size 12 and Times New Roman, then select Right Align.
  • Enter your last name followed by a space, then select insert’ and click on page numbers
  • Make sure to adjust your page numbers options then click apply
  • From here, click anywhere below the header, then select format’ then line spacing’ and finally click double”
  • Type your name, the instructor’s name, the course name, and the due date on separate lines.
  • Press Enter to go to the next line, then select Center Align and type the title of your paper.
  • Press Enter to go to the next line, then select Left Align.
  • Press the Tab key to indent, then start typing your first paragraph. Begin every new paragraph with an indent.
  • When you are done with the body of your paper, select insert’ then break’. Then click on page break’ in order to create a bank page for the works cited work
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