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Have you been looking for a particular book, ebook or article to download? A number of people have shared various platforms where you can download books or ebooks. I used to be in your shoes scouting from one site to the other and not finding the exact book that I want.

I kept on searching and searching, until I came across the best platforms on the internet available for you to download books or ebooks for free. As usual, I love to share the tech tips and tricks that I discover so I shot a video explaining how to download any book, ebooks, best sellers or articles online.

At the time of writing this article, the video has been watched by over 77,000 people and has received a lot of positive comments. A number of people have praised me for such a video and shared how they have been searching almost everywhere and couldn’t find the books they wanted till they found this video.

If you want to know how you can easily download any book or eBook for free, go ahead and watch the video below.

The website that I introduce you to in this video is Z-library. Z-library has been really helpful ever since I discovered it. They have both a website and a mobile application. You can therefore go ahead to download their mobile application onto your phone.

Apart from the great testimonies that this video has received, we had quite a few people complaining of not finding the books they wanted. I, therefore, went ahead to shoot another video, sharing five other platforms where you can get any book or ebook to download for free.

5 Websites to download Free Books, Ebooks, Articles, and Journals

Here is the new video talking about the five other platforms that you can use.

Here are the links to the various websites that I talk about in the video:






Why can’t I find the book that I want from these websites

If you have gone through both videos and tried searching for a book on all the websites and platforms I talked about but still couldn’t find the book you are looking for then one or more of the following could be the reason why.

  • The book that you are looking for does not have an electronic copy. Some books are made only in print copies and for that matter do not have soft copies available for download.
  • There are strict copyright claims on the use of the book and hence no third party is allowed to distribute the book
  • The book is only available at a fee and you must pay for it before you can access it

Other websites where you can download books or ebooks for free

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