how to fix ghost touching on android

I remember the kind of trouble I use to go through when I had my Techno M3 misbehaving. The phone could call someone without my knowledge or send an SMS containing jibberish without me knowing.

Imagine someone calling you and asking you the reason why you sent them that message. It was quite frustrating and I so badly wanted a solution to the problem. If you have a similar issue with your Android device then this post here is right for you.

Some of these problems are encountered when the screen is physically damaged but having such a problem when your phone has no evidence of physical damage can be your worse nightmare.

The above scenario is what ghost touching or ghost typing is. Your phone has no physical damage to the screen but keeps touching itself or typing things without your knowledge.

What is Ghost touching on an Android device?

Ghost touching or ghost typing is a phenomenon where your phone’s screen takes action without you even touching your phone’s screen. This issue is quite common amongst smartphone users.

You could have your phone on a table and you would notice that apps are opening and calls are being made without you even touching the phone. This issue can be caused by anything from a system’s problem to a physical reason.

Ghost touching can lead to the freezing of your android device or some part of your phone. You are sometimes unable to perform certain functions with your phone since the phone is continuously pressing itself or frozen.

The mere fact that you are reading this article shows that you are on the course of having the issue fixed. We will be looking at the factors that cause this issue and how to resolve them. 

What causes ghost touching on Android?

There are several causes of ghost touching on any phone. One or more of the following may be the reasons why your phone is suffering from ghost touching.

  • Poor charging quality
  • Dirty phone screen
  • Overheating or extreme cold
  • Screen protector issues (bad or inappropriate size)
  • Phone hardware problem
  • Over usage of phone

How to fix ghost touching on Android

Just as was mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why your phone may be suffering from ghost touching. To be able to fix it properly, you will need to identify the particular reason and correct it.

Let us, therefore, look at the ways to fix ghost touching by tackling the causes one after the other.

Disconnect charger – Ghost touching caused by charging problem

This problem is usually the case when the charging cord you are using has a problem or you are using a poor-quality charger.

Most people who experience this issue do experience it mostly when their device is on charge. You may experience this when you do not use the right charger to charge the phone or your source of power is giving a higher current than actually needed by your phone.

In a situation like this, what happens is that the charger messes with the proper operation of the touch sensor thereby causing ghost touching.

Remove the charger or get a new and better quality charger or cable and this problem shouldn’t worry you much.

Clean phone’s screen – Dirty or wet phone screen

The explanation for why a phone may be experiencing ghost touching is a bit technical but to simplify it, it is all based on how your phone screen detects and responds to your touches on it.

The sensors detect a change in what is called the electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, it is not only your fingers that can result in a change in this electromagnetic field detectable by the sensor.

Anytime there are other elements (like dirt) changing the electrical field, the phone detects it as if you were touching the phone with your fingers and gives you the response per what is touched.

Touching your phone and leaving it on surfaces can lead to objects or particles finding their way onto the screen. These particles like drops of water or dust or simply stains from fingers can be the cause of ghost touching through the changing in electromagnetic fields.

It is only good for you to wipe the screen of your phone as this will definitely remove these objects that may have been causing apps to open on your phone when you have not tapped on them.

The solution to ghost touching caused by dirt is to avoid using your phone with wet hands and cleaning the screen as often as possible.

Restart your phone – Temporary software problem

Sometimes the phone’s software goes awry but only for a short while. If you are unfortunate in this continuous for a long time then you may experience ghost touching on your android device.

Restarting a smartphone can close programs and fix little issues that may be causing your device to malfunction. Restart your device and see if the issue’s been resolved.

The easiest way to solve ghost touching that results from temporary software problems is by restarting your phone. A simple restart of your phone may override all temporary issues and get your phone to function very well.

As such, this is one of the very first things you should try when you realize that your phone is having ghost touching.

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Change Phone’s Screen Protector – Bad or inappropriate size screen protector

Screen protectors can crack or have space that can lead to the entering of dust or some sort of liquids in between the protector and the actual screen. Also if your screen protector isn’t properly sized, there may be edges that can also permit entry of dust or dirt.

Accumulation of such specks of dirt in the open ends of the screen protected can easily lead to ghost touching.

If you find out that your screen protector has been damaged or you have somehow allowed water under the protector, you can remove the protector, clean it and place it back in.

Mind you, you must apply caution when removing the screen protector so as not to damage it if not already spoilt. You can also get a replacement screen protector.

Thus, if ghost touching on your Android device is a result of screen protector issues, then either removing or replacing the screen protector may solve the ghost touching problem.

Allow Phone to Rest Whiles Using – Over usage of phone

Many a time, we tend to get carried away by the activities we are doing on our phone that we fail to let the phone take a break. Using mobile devices like any other machine, will lead to heating and then aggravate to overheating.

Over usage of the phone without allowing enough resting time may result in some memory issues or processing issues which can also result in overheating. These can also result in a temporary software malfunction and eventually lead to ghost touching.

Adequate cooling of the phone – Overheating or extreme cold

Extremes of temperature conditions are not good for any phone at all. Keeping your phone in an overly heated environment or in extreme cold like inside a deep freezer can all lead to phone issues.

One of such identifiable issues that phones are exposed to extreme temperature conditions is ghost touching. Hence, avoid using or leaving your phone under direct sunlight or at high temperatures.

Also, anytime you are using the phone and realize that it is above normal temperature or you begin to feel that it has become hot, you have to give your phone some time to cool adequately before using it again.

Factory reset – Not sure what is causing the ghost touching

Factory reset will remove all data from your phone and may probably be the solution to ghost touching on your phone. Hence, after trying all the above solutions, if it doesn’t resolve then you may consider a factory reset as a possible solution.

Once you do a factory reset, your phone gets to its initial state when you bought it. Hence if the problem is not that of hardware or an external problem, then a factory reset will completely restore your phone and get rid of all kinds of ghost touching.

Before doing a factory reset make sure all your data is backed up and you are able to restore them.

Take the phone to a technician

After trying all the above steps and still getting no positive results, you may now have to have the phone accessed and fixed by an expert.

However, if you happen to be technically skilled in fixing phones then you can save the cost and fix your device all by yourself. A simple disassembling and reassembling may solve the problem.

It is always a good idea to have the phone checked by an expert.

Return device – If ghost touching is no fault of yours

Instead of going through the stress of changing the screen and visiting a technician, it would be best to return the phone to the manufacturer.

Of course, this is advisable if you only got the device newly and is still within the warranty period for replacement. The fault could be from the manufacturer and in most cases, they may change the screen and hand your phone over to you or give you a new phone.

The most important thing is that your device will be working as it should. 


Ghost touching on an android device is a malfunction that can be caused by many factors as discussed in this post. Trying different approaches to fixing it will definitely improve your chances of having the problem fixed.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask in the comment box below.

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