How to get rid of dotted lines in excel

Removing Page Break Dotted Lines

Here are some of the most common reasons why you could encounter dotted lines on your Excel worksheet:

  • It’s possible that this is because some portions of your page were designated as ‘Print Areas.’
  • It might be indicating a page break, or you could be in page break mode.
  • Someone may have added dotted boundaries to the cells in your spreadsheet.
  • You might also be seeing light-colored spreadsheet gridlines that appear to be dotted lines.

Close and reopen the worksheet is a quick (but not optimal) remedy for this. When you reopen a worksheet, the page break dotted lines are removed.

In this article, we will go through each of the following scenarios in detail and demonstrate how to remove dotted lines in Excel (or dashed lines).

Removing dotted lines due to page breaks

A page break is a dotted line that marks the end of one page and the beginning of the next.

You may have attempted to print anything previously, causing these dotted lines to demarcate page breaks on your document.

Manually added page breaks are shown by solid lines, whereas automated page breaks are represented by dotted lines.

It’s also worth noting the hue of the lines. If the dotted lines are blue, you are in Page Break view (as shown below).

The steps below will help you remove this page break posing as a dotted line

  • Click on file
  • Select options at the bottom left side

  • This launches the options dialogue box. From the dialogue box, select advanced from the left sidebar

  • Scroll down to display options for this worksheet section

  • Locate and uncheck the show page break checkbox

  • Click on OK to close the options dialogue box

After this, the gridline that was initially showing will be removed.

Removing dotted lines used as cell borders.

The existence of dashed/dotted cell boundaries might explain why you perceive the dotted lines.

Someone else may have worked on the document before you, or you may have mistakenly picked a dotted border option.

The dashed border would look like this:

  • Choose the cells that have dotted lines. If it’s a range of cells, choose the range of cells that the boundary includes. If you’re not sure which cells to choose, use CTRL+A to pick all of them.
  • From the top of the Excel window, select the ‘Home’ tab.
  • A ‘Border’ button may be found in the ‘Font’ category

  • Choose ‘No Border’ from the dropdown menu by selecting the arrow next to it.

If your dotted lines were caused by the existence of dotted borders, they should be gone now, as seen below.

Turning off grid lines

While the gridlines are not dotted lines (they are solid lines), some people mistake them for dotted lines (as these are quite faint).

These gridlines are applied to the whole worksheet and may be readily removed.

Locate and click on the view tab.

Locate and uncheck the gridlines option

That’s all! The methods outlined above would erase all gridlines from the spreadsheet. If you wish to restore the Gridlines, simply return to the previous screen and select the same option.

So those are the three methods for removing dotted lines in Excel.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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