How to group on Canva

How to group on Canva?

When you want to do work on many objects, grouping components in any photo-editing application comes in handy. You may quickly rearrange or duplicate the grouped pieces and speed up your design process because it’s one of the easiest things to perform.

You may, for example, combine them, resize them, duplicate them, and so on.

How to Group and Ungroup Elements

To begin, open a design in the desired size.

Then you must locate the design components you wish to include. In my case here, I have a wall frame and a picture as seen below

Arrange the pieces on the design so that they are in the proper location.

As seen below, I have placed the image in the wall frame.

The easiest approach to group the pieces is to click your cursor off the design, then drag the mouse while holding the left button to cover all the items you wish to group.

This will result in a single turquoise line around the outside of the components you’ve chosen.

If you prefer shortcut keys, Command or CTRL + A will pick all of the design components.

Now, from the top menu, select the Group option, and the two components will be combined into a single element.

Alternatively, you may use Command or CTRL + G to group the design components together.

You may now effortlessly shift them around while they maintain their relative location to one other.

You may also resize them, and their locations and ratios will be preserved. See the resizing results below.

Simply select the Ungroup option in the top menu to ungroup them, and they will revert to two individual parts.

To ungroup them, use Command or CTRL + Shift + G.

How to group specific elements in canva

In some instances, you might want to group some elements and leave the others untouched. How do you go about that?

In this situation you can still drag the mouse pointer over the preferred elements but what if the elements are overlapped and the dragging situation won’t help? There’s also another way.

We can click one of the items, then hold the shift key and click the other. We continue to hold the shift key until we are done selecting all our preferred elements. Then we can finally click on the group button to group our elements.

Frequently asked questions

How to group elements in the Canva app

You may still group components if you’re using the Android or iPhone Canva app to create fast social media photos or other graphics.

Touch and hold the first element to be added to the group.

Then, for each new element, tap it.

When you click the Done button in the window, your items are temporarily grouped.

Use the Group button at the bottom to make this a permanent group.

The same button may then be used to ungroup items.

Where is the group button on Canva?

To group all of these features, go to the upper right-hand corner of your Canva desktop and select the “Group” icon. All of the items you choose are now put together into a single box with a blue edge.

How do I Create a group in Canva mobile app?

To group items in Canva Android, long press on the element you want to pick until a popup pops indicating that it has been chosen.

Holding that element, softly tap the other design elements before tapping the “Group” button. When you’re finished arranging the items, tap “Done.”

How do I select multiple objects in Canva?

To select several items by drawing, hold down the primary mouse button and draw a marquee around the things you wish to choose on the Design Canvas.

Then let go of the mouse button. Select Edit > Select All, or press Ctrl+A to select all objects.

How do I select multiple pages in Canva?

To pick a page, click on it. Hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) on your keyboard while clicking on additional sites to add them to your selection.

How to select all elements in Canva

Using command/ctrl + A, you may select all elements on any given page. The same thing may be done by selecting all components with a click and drag, but ctrl + A is quicker and assures you don’t miss anything.

The escape key, which deselects all items, is the inverse of ctrl + A.

How do you select an element behind another in Canva?

Select any element and then hit the Ctrl+Alt+[/] keyboard shortcut. This will choose the next stack piece.

Another shortcut is to pick the top element in the element stack while holding down the Ctrl key. It will assist you in scrolling through the stack’s elements using the Up and Down arrow keys.

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