How to make a picture a circle in Canva

You might be wondering how to adjust the form of your photos if you’ve been using Canva for a long. However, finding certain functionality on the editing platform isn’t always easy.

On social networking platforms, circular profile images are quickly becoming fashionable.

Though you may certainly use a rectangular-shaped photo as your profile image, there is a technique to improve its appearance.

If you’re a regular user of Canva, you’ll note that you can’t immediately circle the corners of the image. However, if you know how to use Canva frames to your advantage, you can create a workaround.

You’ll learn how to crop photographs into shapes in Canva, whether it’s a heart, circle, or any other form. Let’s begin with the most basic crop.

How to make a picture into a circle in Canva

How to crop an image on canva website or desktop application

Cropping the image may be done in two ways. If you’re updating an existing picture or adding a new one, the approach is different.

Cropping a new image

Once you’ve added a new picture to your template, double-click it and crop right away or you can click on the picture once and at the top, click on the Crop option.

The picture now has white corners, as you can see. Drag any of the corners inside the image to crop it to your specifications. Finally, at the top, select the Done option.

Cropping will be applied to your image. If you select the Crop option again, you will see the original image as well. The original image is saved by Canva, and you may access it at any moment.

Ta da! Your image has been beautifully cropped to suit your desired appearance.

Replacing an existing image

Canva will crop your image to match the template design if you pick an existing template and wish to change its image. If you don’t like what Canva has decided, simply select the Crop option. Then drag the image to crop it to your specifications. To save your changes, click the Done button.

As you can see from the above picture, I’m replacing an existing image on a template in Canva and I’ve been given the opportunity to crop it to suit my preference.

Hit done when done to finalize your masterpiece.

Now that we have covered the simple tutorial on basic cropping, lets see how to crop images into shapes using the frames in Canva and for the sake of this tutorial, we will crop the image into a circular shape. You could follow the same procedures to crop into other shapes.

Let’s get right into it.

Circular cropping on canva

On the main page,click the “Create a Design” button to start a new design file.

Navigate to the side panel of the editor page and choose the “Elements” menu.

Scroll down until you come across the “Frames” option. To see all of the available frames, tap “See all.”

Choose a circular frame from the available options. Drag it to the blank canvas with your mouse. After touching on it once, use the white circles at the corners to resize it as needed.

Choose a photo to go within your frame after you’re pleased with it. When it comes to adding photos, you have two choices.

To begin, go to the “Photos” tab in Canva and browse among the available images in the gallery. By simply clicking on the search box, you may explore for certain photographs.

Second, you may utilize your photo by dragging it into the “Uploads” page. To get started, simply touch the purple “Upload media” button.

Click and drag the photo to your blank canvas once you’ve picked it.

Simply double-click on the photo to see the white circles in the corners and resize it. To change the size of the image, drag one of these diagonally.

To save your changes, click the “Done” button if you’re happy with how your design appears.

How to crop to circle in Canva

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I save my Canva photo changes?

Your Canva image modifications may not save for a variety of reasons.

To begin, ensure that your browser is up to current.

Check your internet connection second. Offline modifications to Canva are not saved.

Third, wait for the “All changes saved” indication to appear in the editor’s status bar. Canva automatically saves changes every several seconds.

Finally, try manually saving the design. In the editor’s menu bar, select “Save.”

If you put the photo on the canvas first, can you still put it in the circular frame?

You can! Simply drag the photo you want to fill the frame towards the round frame and put it there.

What is the best way to expand your image within the circle frame?

Resizing other design components in Canva is the same as enlarging or making your photo fit inside the circular frame. To enlarge the photo, simply double-tap it and drag the white circles outward. If you’re happy with the size of the image, click the “Done” button.

What is the best way to add videos to a Canva frame?

Adding video clips to a Canva frame works in the same way as adding photographs does. Before dropping the video, simply click and drag it into the frame. To save the changes, tap outside of the frame.

Is it possible to change the transparency of a photo that has already been included into the frame?

It’s still possible. To choose the photo, tap it once, then click the checkered icon (which is the transparency choice icon) in the toolbar. Drag the slider to the to increase the transparency of the image. Simply tap anywhere on the canvas to save your changes when you’re finished.

What is the best way to upload my Canva photo to WordPress?

WordPress is well-known for its numerous content modification tools and plugins. To publish a Canva-edited image to your WordPress site, you must first install the Canva WordPress plugin. It may be downloaded from the WordPress website or found in the plugin admin.

After that, select or build a template. You may make a post that will look beautiful on your website as well as when shared on social media by selecting the “Facebook ad” option

Then, add a picture. You can use one of the suggested presets or start from scratch. Add and modify whatever things you like from the sidebar. Upload a background image and apply a filter to it if desired. Add text and format it as desired.

Click the “Download” button in the upper right corner when you’re happy with the output. Return to the green “Download” button and select a file format.

Put the file to your WordPress blog. The image will then need to be optimized.

How Do I Make a Canva Template?

Canva allows you to make your own template. This is especially beneficial for work because you can automatically add a brand logo and website URL to each image. You may share and reuse a template with your team once you’ve created one that you like.

• To use the functionality, you must first sign up for Canva for Work (30-day free trial).

• From the sidebar, choose “Brand Kit.”

• Click the “Create a Design” option and choose a size from the drop-down menu or enter unique measurements.

• To rename a document, click on its title.

• Choose a photo from your collection or from the suggested options.

Select any items you wish to show on every photo created with the template from the sidebar.

• Resize the components by dragging them around.

• Add any other items from your device, such as a logo.

• When you’re happy with the outcome, move the “Make Public” toggle button in the top right corner to enable or deactivate the option.

• Choose “Publish as a Template” from the menu.

• Select “Save.”

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