How To Make Keyboard Bigger on Android Phone

You are almost always using your smartphone to type something and hence can be very annoying if the keys on your phone look too small.

Whether it is texting someone, commenting on a social media post or simply searching for something online, you will like it as fast as possible and not waste a lot of time staring at your keyboard while the recipient waits for your response. 

This action has to be carried out easily and smoothly if you make the keyboard bigger on your android phone. Having the keyboard being too small makes typing quite tiring. 

Tapping on “G” but actually tapping on “H” because the keyboard size is too small. Now you have to clear everything and retype in your word making texting boring. Don’t we all love a smooth texting experience? 

Right. In this article you will be taken through comprehensive procedures and steps to follow in order to change the size of your phone’s keyboard and enjoy a better typing experience. 

There are different types of keyboard available on Play store that could be installed on your phone. So, the type of keyboard will determine the steps you need to take in order to increase your keyboard size.

Gboard keyboard otherwise known as Google board keyboard is the default keyboard on most Android devices to start with that. 

How To Change The Size Of Google’s Gboard Keyboard  

  • Open settings
  • Scroll down and select system. 
  • On the system page, select languages and input. 
  • Select virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboard will show you the keyboards installed on your phone.  Select Gboard. 
  • Then select preferences. 
  • Tap on keyboard height. 
  • A range of sizes from extra-short to to extra tall will be displayed. Choose the size that you think will be suitable for you. 


Alternative way to make Google’s Gboard keyboard bigger 

  • Open a texting app or tap a text field to activate keyboard
  • Tap on the settings gear icon located at the top of the keyboard.
  • A page will be opened. On this page select preferences.
  • On the preferences page, select keyboard height.
  • A range of sizes from extra short to extract all will be displayed.  Select your preferred size.

How to change the size of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

If SwiftKey keyboard is your default keyboard then follow the steps below to adjust the size.

  • Open the SwiftKey app and select layout and keys.
  • Now tap on resize. This option will enable you to adjust the size of the keyboard.
  • A screen will appear where you’ll be able to do the adjustment. At the edges of the keyboard there will be tabs that when moved can be used to increase or decrease the size of the keyboard.
  • Drag the blue tab upwards to increase the height of the keyboard. Drag on the tabs at the left and right side to compress the keyboards to the position and direction you drag the tabs.
  • Once satisfied with the size, click on ok or click reset to send the keyboard back to its default size. You do not need to restart your phone for the new settings to be applied. 

Alternative method to make Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard bigger

  • Open any application that will open the keyboard.
  • Click on the small arrow located at the left of your keyboard to open the drop-down menu.
  • On this page select resize to choose the size of your keyboard

How To Change The Keyboard Size On Android

If you are using Android 9 tablets you will find that the settings are quite different when it comes to changing the size of the keyboard.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open settings and select general management.
  • A page will be opened. On this page select language and input.
  • Click on on-screen keyboard. Select the keyboard you would want to change its size. 
  • Go to preferences and select keyboard height. 
  • Various options will be listed from extra short to extra tall. Select the option that will suit you best.

If your keyboard is already open you can follow this process to reset the size of the keyboard. 

  • Tap on the comma key and long press it. 
  • The settings wheel icon will appear. Moving to the setting will open preferences.
  • Select keyboard height. 
  • Various options will be listed from extra short to extra tall. Select the option that will suit you best.

How to make Samsung keyboard bigger

  • Open settings.
  • Select Open management.
  • Open the management screen and select Samsung keyboard settings.
  • On the options available select size and transparency
  • A screen where you will be able to adjust the size of your keyboard will appear. There will be tabs on each side of the keyboard. The keyboard will be adjusted based on the position and direction you drag the tab. Dragging the tab at the top upwards will increase the height. And you can also compress the keyboard by dragging the left and right sides. 
  • Select done. 
  • The new settings will be activated immediately.

Get a bigger keyboard by rotating your phone

Smartphones are generally designed to give users the best experience and the power to personalize many features. 

The auto-rotate mode of many smartphones is a feature that enables users to swap between portrait mode and landscape mode when they are using their phones. 

Rotating your phone automatically displays all items on your screen in landscape mode including your keyboard. this is how to put your phone on auto rotate.

  • Slide down the top of your screen to open control panel
  • Look for the portrait icon amongst the other icons and tap on it to activate the feature. 
  • The setting will take effect immediately. Open your texting app or a text field to open your keyboard and then rotate it. The screen will be displayed in the landscape mode giving you a wider keyboard.

Putting phone on auto-rotate from settings.

  • Open settings
  • Tap on advance to open the options under
  • Select device rotation
  • A dialogue box will appear with two options: “rotate the contents of the screen” and “stay in portrait view”. 
  • Hold your phone in landscape position and Your screen will be displayed in landscape including the keyboard.
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Using third party keyboard apps

If you are unsatisfied with your default keyboard, you can download a keyboard from the various keyboard apps available on the Play Store.

Open Google play store and at the search bar, type in “keyboard”. A list of downloadable keyboards will be on display. 

How to change the default keyboard on your Android phone

  • After downloading and installing keyboard, go to settings
  • Select system and then, languages and inputs
  • Navigate and select virtual keyboard
  • Tap manage keyboard
  • A list of installed keyboards will be on display. Select the keyboard you want to use as default keyboard by turning on the toggle switch

How to change the default keyboard on your Samsung phone

  • Open settings
  • Select general management and tap on language and input
  • Tap on-screen keyboard then tap the default keyboard
  • Tap manage keyboard
  • Turn on the toggle switch next to the keyboard you want to use. Toggle on show keyboard to enable you switch between keyboard easily 

How To Switch Between Android Keyboards

  • Open the app you type on and open the keyboard by tapping the text field. 
  • Tap the keyboard icon on the right of the keyboard
  • Choose the keyboard you want to switch to from the list of keyboards on the pop up menu

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