How to prevent someone from seeing your text messages.

How to prevent someone from seeing your text messages.

Communication, access to information has drastically improved over the last decade. With your smartphones you can readily receive and share information. Some information we receive on our phones via SMS or text can be very personal, sensitive or should not get to some people.

There are many reasons one may want to keep that text message to themselves. Aside from that, no one has the right to access one’s phone without permission or authorization. People still manage to access other’s phones to read their text messages.

Looking for a way to protect your text message from being accessed by others? In this article, I’ll show you how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android phone.

How can I stop someone from reading my text messages

There are a number of ways this can be achieved and you will learn about all the possible ways. Some of these methods that you can use to prevent people from reading your messages on an Android phone include:

  • Stop showing notifications for new text messages
  • Disable lock screen message preview
  • Hide message content
  • Lock your phone screen
  • Lock message app
  • Manage access permissions

Let’s take each of these one after the other and explain how you can use them to prevent others from reading your messages on Android phone.

Stop Notifications From Showing For New Text Messages

In some instances, you’ll be using your phone and you get a text message from someone. You give your phone to someone that you receive a text message and get to read it. This can be prevented by stopping notification of messages from showing.

  • Launch settings app and select apps and notifications
  • Click on app info. You can also open app info by pressing and holding the app icon and tapping on the app info icon
  • On the app info page navigate and select the text message app
  • The app info of the text messaging app will open on this piece select app notification
  • Switch off the button to stop Notifications from showing. 
  • After making this setting, anytime you receive a text you won’t be notified. You have to open app always to see new text messages

Disable Lock Screen Message Preview

When you disable lock screen message preview, it means you won’t have a preview of your recent messages showing on your phone’s screen. This means that someone who does not have access or cannot unlock your phone’s locked screen cannot by accident see your messages or a preview of your messages.

How to disable Lock Screen message preview on Android

  • Open settings app and tap on privacy
  • Look for notification on lock screen and select
  • A pop-up will appear with three options. Select the second one “show sensitive content only when unlocked”
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How to disable Lock Screen message preview on Samsung Galaxy

  • Launch settings app and select lock screen
  • Tap on  notifications
  • Turn on the switch to hide messages in notification bar

How To Hide WhatsApp Message Content

WhatsApp is one of the most popular text messaging apps used by many people everyday. Just like any other text messaging app, you get notification of texts when they come and it shows previews of the text. You can also hide the content of WhatsApp messages using the following steps:

  • Open settings app and select app and notifications
  • Select WhatsApp
  • Select notification
  • Tap on message notification and select advanced
  • Tap on lock screen and on the pop-up that appears, select show sensitive content only when unlocked

How to Hide WhatsApp Message Contents Using In-app Settings

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • On the top right corner you will see the menu button that is,  three vertical dots. Tap on it and select settings
  • Select notifications
  • Tap on pop-up notification. A pop-up will appear. Select no pop-up. This prevents pop-up of messages from showing when using your phone
  • Hide preview of text by switching off the use high priority notification. When you get new messages, its content won’t be previewed.

Lock Your Phone Screen

When you lock your phone someone who doesn’t know your lock won’t be able to access your phone and read your text messages. You can lock your phone using your phone security setting

  • Open settings app
  • Select security and location
  • Under device security, select the first option which is screen lock
  • You will be able to  set the lock of screen with any of the available options. Pattern PIN or password
  • Choose your preferred screen lock Style and make sure to remember the pattern, PIN or password you use

Lock Message app 

It is great if you protect your phone with security of some sort. Be it pattern, PIN or password. Nonetheless,people can be so intrusive and would find ways to know your lock by carefully observing or it could be that you consciously open your phone for someone but they may be tempted to cross their boundary.

It is therefore advisable to install and use third-party lock apps from Google Play store to provide optimum protection to your text messages. There are quite a number of reliable screen lock apps. Simply go to Google Play store and search app Locker. Different app Locker applications will be at your disposal.

Install one and personalize the settings. This way, when someone has accessed your phone they won’t be able to enter your text message app and read the messages unless you show them the lock.

How To Lock WhatsApp on Android

With the increase of security problems the users of WhatsApp face, the developers of the app have updated the app with fingerprint lock. This option is only available in phones with fingerprint sensor. For this setting to be done you need to first set the general lock of the phone.

How To Set Fingerprint Lock Of Android Phone

  • Open settings
  • Select security and location
  • Scroll down and tap on fingerprint
  • Select next
  • Three lock options will appear. Select the one that would be convenient for you
  • Follow the guide to set your pattern, PIN or password
  • Continue to set your fingerprint

After setting the fingerprint lock on your phone you now have to go to WhatsApp to set fingerprint lock on the app

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Open menu i.e  the three vertical dots at the right top off the screen and select settings
  • Scroll down and tap on fingerprint lock
  • On the page that opens, turn on the switch
  • You will be prompted to touch the fingerprint sensor
  • On the screen that appears choose how quickly you want the app to lock and if you would like to show its to content of in notification

Manage Access Permission

Apps can have access to text messages and some other apps and features. This access can be obtained secretly or you give permission to the app when installing or after installing. Make sure apps from untrusted sources do not have access to your text messages.

They can be reading and transferring information without your knowledge you need to do these to stop unwanted apps from viewing your text open

  • Open settings and select apps and notifications
  • Select app permissions
  • Scroll down and select SMS
  • You will see apps that have or can have access to your SMS
  • Turn off the switch on the app that might be reading your text messages to deny permission to your texts

In today’s world, almost every activity is controlled by information. Some data  has to be private to prevent chaos when they get in the wrong hands. They can be used for negative things. Always be alert and make sure your private information including text messages for that matter is protected.

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