Squaring a number simply means multiplying a number by itself or simply raising it to the power 2.

Excel has a number of operations and functions that help in the squaring of numbers. Imagine having a very long list of figures for which you want the square value of each, that would be a lot of work if you have to do it one after the other. Thanks to spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, this has become easier and simpler even in cases where the figures are quite large.

This tutorial aims to help you or guide you on how to square numbers in the Microsoft Excel application using very easy and simple steps. 

We will begin by Squaring numbers using formulas. There are two formulas we can use with this approach. 

  • By using the multiplication function
  • By using the caret operator to raise the number to the power 2

Using the Multiplication to Square a number in Excel

The multiplication operator is represented by (*) in Microsoft Excel. To square a number is simply understood as multiplying the number by itself and we are going to see how this is done in excel.

The formula to use in with this approach in stated below:

=A2*A2 (where A2 contains the number to be squared)

Follow the steps below carefully to calculate the square of figures in a given set of data.

  • Select the cell where you wish for your results to show
  • Type “=A2*A2” into the formula bar and press enter
  • The results, that is the square of the number will be displayed in B2
  • Drag down the fill handle till you reach the end of your dataset
  • Each row should now contain the squared results of all the figures in the A column as shown below.

It’s great to know that you can also apply the formula directly without using the cell references. 

Eg. =98*98 will still give you 9604

Using the Caret(^) Operator to Square a Number in Excel

The caret operator also works as the exponent function and can raise a number to the power of another. The caret symbol is represented by (^) in excel.

So in simple terms, to square the value of cell A2, raise it to the power 2 by using the formula below:

=A2 ^  2 (where A2 contains the number to be squared)

Follow the steps below to arrive at your final results:

  • Click in the cell you wish for your results to appear. 
  • Input the formula: A2^2  into the formula bar and press enter.
  • The results should be displayed in your desired selected cell. 
  • Drag down the fill handle till you reach the last row of your dataset 
  • Each cell in the column you selected should at this point contain all squared numbers in its “A” column.

How to use a function to square a number in excel

There are three available functions that could help us arrive at the same results when we use them to square a number in excel.

The PRODUCT function, the SUMPRODUCT function, and the POWER function.

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Using the PRODUCT Function

This function works similarly to the multiplication function. The product function multiplies the numbers or digits given in a dataset. This time around, the asterisks sign (*) won’t be used. Rather a comma will be used to separate the numbers. this is illustrated below:


  • Click in the cell you wish for your results to appear. 
  • Input the formula: =PRODUCT(A2, A2) into the formula bar and press enter.
  • The results should be displayed in your desired selected cell as shown above.

Using the SUMPRODUCT function to square numbers in excel

The SUMPRODUCT function multiplies groups of given numbers and then adds the results of the multiplied groups to the final result.

We must multiply a number by itself in order to square it. As a result, the SUMPRODUCT function only requires one set of numbers. SUMPRODUCT will multiply that and return the result to us. It is to be used in the same way as the PRODUCT function.

Why add the “SUM” prefix if we’re going to utilize it just like the PRODUCT function? So, because we’re looking at choices and this one appears to be plausible, we’ll have to talk about it. Let’s use our data as an example.

The formula to use is:


Alternatively, you can skip the cell references and just input the numbers into the formula bar. Like this: =SUMPRODUCT(98,98). That will also do the trick.

Using the POWER function.

The syntax for the POWER function is written below

=POWER(number, power)

This simply means that number is the number that you want to raise to an exponent and power is the exponent you want to raise the number to the power of.

Follow the steps below to use this function to square a number in excel 

  • Click and select the cell for the display of the results
  • Input the formula: =POWER(A2, 2) and press enter.
  • The square of the digit value in A2 is now displayed as the result in the cell selected.

The pictorial illustration below helps you understand.

  • Drag the fill handle down until you reach the dataset’s last row.
  • Each cell in column B should now contain the square of the corresponding value in column A.

This concludes our tutorial on a level playing field. We have a lot of possibilities for even the most basic calculations because of Excel’s capabilities. There’s a lot more to discover, and this is just a smattering of Excel. We’ll be coming up with another wodge shortly, so make sure you’re ready!

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