How to tell if someone blocked your number on android

How to tell if someone blocked your number on Android

The increased usage of Android devices amongst customers in the globe comes with huge responsibilities in keeping abreast with certain peculiar knowledge that will enhance smooth and effective operations with these devices.

Blocking has become one of the most common practices amongst android users; enabling one to stop getting annoying calls. It portrays an unpleasant feeling when texting and calling back and forth multiple times a day.  At times, one may find themselves in a situation that they had little or no choice but to use the blocking features on their phones.

What does it mean for someone to block you on Android?

One may tend to be confused on the subject matter about what ‘BLOCKING’ in Android phones actually means. At least, by doing this it will go a long way in trying to better explain and clear the confusions many must have had before now.

For someone one to block you on android means you calls and text messages cannot be received by the recipient that a shutdown in communicating flow it’s a vacuum in commination, it becomes highly frustrating especially when you want to relay important information to someone, however such practice can be intentional whilst others can be unintentional, it gives bad signal especially with someone that trusts you.

This urges them to have less to do with such people either temporarily or permanently.  

Why will someone want to block your number on Android?

Blocking amongst android users is a common practice as it gives users the wherewithal to prevent themselves from certain set of people they think are disturbing their peace especially strangers, fraudsters, scammers, business partners they owe, things they think are danger to their existence and also due to misunderstandings between love partners, these are peculiar reasons why android users block people from contacting them.

But in most cases, blocking certain people gives peace of mind.

Can you really tell if someone blocked you on Android?

BLOCKING is simply restricting a number on your android phone, in which the caller can no longer contact you nor their phone calls will ring through your phone. Let us say; you are the caller that has been blocked, you will find out that the phone of the person who blocked you will ring once and then divert your call to voicemail. 

This can also affect the text messages. You can only have a delivered notification accompanied by a timestamp. The recipient will however, never receive the message. Interestingly, for you trying to reach the blocked number is impossible. On the contrary, you can have access to make calls or send messages to the blocked number just as in normal cases.

The recipient will still receive your calls and text messages but unable to return the calls nor reply to your messages. They can answer your calls but are unable to respond to your texts. This tells ‘Blocking’ goes only in one direction and that the person being blocked, will not be officially notified about such. 

But in all this, you can still figure out whether someone has blocked your contact without asking the person. This is possible because there are certain indications that will help you to know you have been blocked by someone; especially when it seems difficult to reach out via a phone call or text message. When such happens, it becomes apparent that the person may have blocked your number.

However, you must also note that poor networks tend to pose similar problems that it becomes extremely difficult to conclude whether a person has really blocked you or not. There are many reasons why someone may not respond instantaneously, but if your text messages are not going through and your calls go directly to voicemail; thus, this is an indication of being blocked especially if this is consistent.

How to check if someone blocked you on Android?

Notwithstanding that, it looks unethical to ask someone whether he or she has blocked you. Hence, I put up this work suggesting to you possible steps you should follow; in order to know whether you have been blocked or not whenever you try to reach someone on the phone. If the information below says likewise on your phone, then it means you have likely been blocked. 

Therefore, in a bid to detect whether someone has blocked your number on android the following steps can render maximum help.

  1. Open the contacts application on your android mobile device.
  2. Tap on the name of the person you suspect may have blocked you
  3. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your screen
  4. Tap “delete” to delete their contact information
  5. Open your contacts application again
  6. Tap on the search bar at the top of screen and type in the person’s name

After executing all these methods if the proposed contact does not appear as a suggested contact it is evident that you may have been blocked. But if it appears as a suggested contact it is clear that you have not been blocked.

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How can you also block someone on your android phone?

It is simple to navigate android phones that’s why it constitutes a higher percentage of users, in that note blocking someone is not an uphill task to achieve as the following procedures will enhance effective blocking mode.

The contact application gives you the liberty to block contacts that you did not want to hear from, this method can only work with numbers that are already added as contacts in your phone, navigate to and open contacts, and then tap the contacts, then tap block contact. Tap block to confirm.

However, even if you block a contact, they will still appear in your contact list. This method can only be applicable if the contact is saved in your phone, if it is not saved there is no possibility of blocking that number.

Can you unblock yourself if someone blocked you?

This is a task that cannot be achieved by oneself because you don’t have control over the person who blocked, there is not specific or outline methods for you to unblock yourself after someone has blocked you but you can ask the person who blocked you to unblock you but if you’re the one that block the person you can easily unblock the person by following these methods.

  • By navigating to open contacts application, and then tap the contact you wish to unblock
  • Tap more, and then tap unblock contact
  • Another way to unblock contacts will occur by navigating to open the phone application, tap more options (i.e. the three vertical dots), and then tab settings 
  • Tap block numbers, and then tap the delete icon to remove the corresponding phone number from your block list.

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