80+ Canva shortcuts

Imagine having access to the complete Canva keyboard shortcuts any time you are using Canva? This is a resource that every Canva designer or anyone at all who uses Canva for one thing or the other must have access to.

Using keyboard shortcuts not only saves you time but makes you more productive and makes you look tech-savvy in the eyes of your observers. It is therefore important for you to master the very common keyboard shortcuts for any software or platform that you frequently use.

Canva as a platform for designing is very simple to use and therefore being able to navigate using keyboard shortcuts takes the ease of use to another whole level.

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts For both Windows & Mac

Let us, therefore, take a look at the complete list of Canva keyboard shortcuts and what they are used for.

In order to make the list of Canva keyboard shortcuts easily accessible, we are going to group them into various categories based on their practical uses.

  • General shortcuts that every user must know
  • Shortcuts relating to text editing
  • Shortcuts to add directly add certain elements
  • Shortcuts relating to working with videos in Canva
  • Shortcuts relating to presentations
  • Other keyboard shortcuts relevant for Canva users

Note: The shortcuts apply to both Windows and Mac, the only difference is in the name of the special keys. Therefore, you can replace the appropriate equivalent where necessary.

Microsoft Windows KeyboardMac Keyboard

General Canva keyboard shortcuts that every user must know

Note that some other keyboard shortcuts are general and may apply to any form of media (Text, image, audio, or video). For that matter let us consider those before looking at the specific ones. Here are the general Canva keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Copy: To copy items unto your clipboard in Canva, use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + C] for windows and [Cmd + C] for Mac
  2. Paste: To paste an item you have already copied in Canva, use the shortcut Ctrl + V for windows and [Cmd + V] for Mac.

Duplicate item: To duplicate an item without using the copy and paste option, you can use the shortcut [Alt + Drag] for windows and[ Opt + Drag] for Mac. This means that anytime you drag an item while holding onto your alt/option key you will create a duplicate of that item.

Another shortcut that you can use for duplicating items in Canva is [Ctrl + D] on Windows and [Cmd + D] on Mac.

  1. Select all items: To select all items or elements on your canvas, use the shortcut [Ctrl + A]
  2. Undo: In order to undo something you just did, use the shortcut [Ctrl + Z]
  3. Redo: If you undid something but realize that it was a mistake, you can redo it using the shortcut [Ctrl + Y] or [Ctrl + Shift + Z]
  4. Zoom In: During your designing process there are times that you would like to zoom into your week to check some fine details. This can be done with the shortcut [Ctrl + =]. That is to press the Ctrl key and the equal to (=) key together.
  5. Zoom out: After zooming in to see the fine details, you may want to zoom out of it. Use the shortcut [Ctrl + –] to zoom out.
  6. Zoom to actual size of canvas: Use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + 0] to zoom to the actual size of the canvas.
  7. Zoom to fit screen: Use shortcut [Alt + Ctrl + 0]
  8. Search (Magic search): The fastest way to search for elements in Canva is to click on the backslash key. After clicking the backslash key, you will be presented with a popup that has various elements. You can scroll down to click on the element of your choice or you can type in the name of what you are looking for.
  9. ****Select next item: To select the next item on the canvas or to go through the various elements on the canvas by selecting it one after the other use the tab key. Any time you click on the tab key, you select the next item.
  10. Deselect an element: Press the Esc key to deselect any selected element.
  11. Select previous item: Pressing the keyboard shortcut [Shift + Tab key] will select the item that was previously selected prior to your current selection. Use this shortcut to get back to your previous selection.
  12. Delete: The delete key on the keyboard can be used to delete the currently selected item on the canvas.
  13. Add empty page: The shortcut to add a new blank page in Canva is [Ctrl + Enter key]
  14. Delete an empty page: The shortcut to delete an empty page in Canva is [Ctrl + Backspace key]
  15. Save your work: Even though Canva automatically saves your work after sometime or when you are downloading, you can use the shortcut [Ctrl + S key] to save your work anytime you want.
  16. Group elements: To group a set of elements in Canva, you first have to select all those elements. After selecting them, use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + G].
  17. Ungroup elements: To ungroup a grouped element in Canva using a keyboard shortcut, click on the group element and press the shortcut [Ctrl + shift + G]
  18. Rulers: To bring up rulers in Canva in order to help with alignment of your elements, click on the key combinations [Shift + R]
  19. Move element by 10px: You can achieve this by pressing the shift key with an arrow key in the direction in which you want the element to move. So, the shift + left arrow key will move the element by 10px to the left.
  20. Send element to the very back of all elements: The keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + [ will send the selected element to the very back.
  21. Send elements backward by one layer: If you want the element to go backward by one layer then use the keyboard combination Ctrl + [.
  22. Bring element to the very front of every other element: Press Ctrl + Alt + ] to bring the selected element to the very front of your canvas.
  23. Bring element forward by one layer: Press Ctrl+] to bring the selected element forward by just one layer.
  24. Select a layer behind the current selected layer: Press Ctrl and click on the current selected layer in order to select the layer behind it.
  25. Lock and unlock an element: Select the element and press the key combination [Alt + Shift + L] in order to lock the selected element and do the same to unlock it if the element is already locked.
  26. Grid view: To switch to the grid view where you see all your pages, use the key combination [Alt + Ctrl + 3]
  27. Thumbnail view: To switch to the thumbnail view where you see your current page and a grid of the other pages at the bottom, use the key combination [Alt + Ctrl + 2]
  28. Scrolling view: To switch to the scrolling view where you only see the current page or all pages with the scroll bar at the right side, use the key combination [Alt + Ctrl + 1]
  29. Collapse sidebar: The sidebar where you see the various elements and graphics, takes up some space so you may want to collapse it sometimes. To achieve that click [Ctrl+/]
If you are new to Canva, this video will be of great help
How to use Canva for absolute beginners

Canva shortcuts relating to text editing

  1. Bolden text: Ctrl + B
  2. Italicize text: Ctrl + I
  3. Underline text: Ctrl + U
  4. Change to uppercase or lowercase: Ctrl + Shift + K
  5. Add clickable link to text: Ctrl + K
  6. Left align text: Ctrl + Shift + L
  7. Right align text: Ctrl + Shift + R
  8. Center align text: Ctrl + Shift + C
  9. Anchor text to top of text box: Ctrl + Shift + H
  10. Anchor text to middle of text box: Ctrl + Shift + M
  11. Anchor text to bottom of text box: Ctrl + Shift + B
  12. Decrease font-size: Ctrl + Shift + ,
  13. Increase font-size: Ctrl + Shift + .
  14. Bring up font menu: Ctrl + Shift + F
  15. Decrease letter spacing: Ctrl + Alt + ,
  16. Increase letter spacing: Ctrl + Alt + .
  17. Decrease line spacing: Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow key
  18. Increase line spacing: Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow key
  19. Copy style of selected element: Ctrl + Alt + C
  20. Paste style: Ctrl + Alt + V

Canva shortcuts to directly add certain elements

  1. Add a rectangle: Press the R key
  2. Add a line: Press the L key
  3. Add text or textbox: Press the T key
  4. Add circle: Press the C key

Canva shortcuts relating to working with videos

  1. Play/Pause video: The keyboard shortcut to play or pause a video is to use the spacebar key. So, if you want to start playing a video, simply click on the spacebar key and the video starts playing. Whiles the video is playing, you can press the spacebar key again to pause the video
  2. Mute or unmute video: While a video is playing in Canva, you can mute or unmute the video by pressing the letter M on your keyboard.
  3. Loop video: If you want to set your video in Canva to play continuously for one reason or the other then then you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + L on Windows and Option+ Shift + L on Mac
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Canva shortcuts relating to presentations

1 To start presentation: Ctrl + Alt + P

2. Blur and unblur presentation: Press the B key

presentation before blurring
presentation before blurring
presentation after blurring
presentation after blurring

3. Adding Confetti to presentation: Press the C key

Confetti added to presentation
Confetti added to presentation

4. Adding a Drum roll effect to presentation: Press the D key

Drum roll effect added to presentation
Drum roll effect added to presentation

5. Adding Bubbles effect to your presentation: Press the O key

Drum roll effect added to presentation
Drum roll effect added to presentation

6. Add a keep quiet emoji to your presentation: Press the letter Q on your keyboard

keep quiet emoji added to presentation
keep quiet emoji added to presentation

7. Add a timer to your presentation: Press any number to add a timer that counts down from that number. So, press 5 if you want a five minutes timer

5 minutes countdown timer added to presentation
5 minutes countdown timer added to presentation

8. To stop the timer after adding a timer to your presentation: Press the letter X on your keyboard.

9. Move to next slide: Press Right arrow (→**)** key

10. Move back to the previous slide: Press the Left arrow () key

11. To end the presentation: Press the Esc key

Other keyboard shortcuts relevant for Canva users

  1. Tidy up: Alt + Shift + T
  2. Move multiple elements that are not grouped together: Select first element, then hold shift and click on every other element one at a time and drag them with your mouse once you have selected all you want.
  3. Constrain proportions of an element from resizing (Keep the aspect ratio while resizing): Select the element, click and hold the Shift button then drag the corners of the element to resize it.
  4. Select an element that is behind others which you struggle to click directly on: Select the front element, click and hold the Ctrl key, then keep clicking on the element until the element you want is selected.
  5. Bring up Canva help guides: Press Shift + /
  6. Go to next comment: Press letter N on your keyboard
  7. Go to previous comment: Press Shift + N
  8. Show guides on Canvas: Ctrl + ;
  9. Check the distance (length or height) of an element away from another element: Click on the element of interest and click and hold the alt key. Move your mouse cursor over other elements and see its distance away from the others.
  10. Add comment to Canva design: Ctrl + Alt + M


This is the most extensive list of Canva shortcuts that you will come across on the internet. As I keep using both the Canva web platform and the Canva mobile app, I will be updating this list as and when I discover any other shortcuts.

I will also be sharing more tips and tricks about Canva on this blog so do a check-up from time to time or subscribe to the notifications so you receive an alert anytime such contents are published.

You can also join our telegram channel Digital School Academy to get constant information and also benefit from the series of training we organize.

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