why my calls go straight to voicemail

You are with your phone yet you keep seeing missed calls but your volume is up and you are wondering what may be wrong. In most cases it is your phone directing your calls to voicemail. This  problem is especially common amongst Android users.

In this article we will be looking at all possible causes of this problem and provide a quick fix to them.

Disable do not disturb

Do not disturb is a feature on most smartphones that completely puts the phone on silent mode as the name implies. The incoming calls will be directed to  voicemail. To fix this, Open the notification bar and disable the feature.

Remove number from block list

For all you  may know, calls from a particular number are being sent to voice me because they have been blocked. You don’t remember blocking any numbers? Do not worry. To take a block list is very easy. 

Open your phone and click on the three doors at the top right and select settings. 

Select the option that reads call blocking. The least number that you have blocked will be displayed. Click on the cancel button to remove the number from the block list. If there are no numbers on your block list you can try the next method. 

Disable call forwarding feature

It could be possible also, that the call forwarding feature of your phone has been enabled. To disable this, open your phone settings and go to call settings then continue to voice call and click on call forwarding.

You’ll see an option which says “always forward” click on it and disable it. This step should work if a call forwarding feature has been activated earlier.

Replace or insert SIM

It could be that your sim is broken or has shifted from its position. Correcting this is pretty easy. Remove your SIM and reset it correctly and turn on your phone. This should work if the fault is a case of improper placement of SIM.

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Check network coverage in area

To receive or make a call you need network coverage in the area you are making the call. At the notification bar of your phone, check if the network strength is full, very low or cancelled out. If your SIM card is placed correctly or not damaged then there is no problem.

For this nothing can really be done unless waiting for the network to be restored all move to a different area. You can also call your network provider customer service to look at the problem.

Turn off your airplane mode

Airplane mode is a feature of smartphones that blocks the devices from connecting to networks Wi-Fi or data. When it is turned on, the phone will be unable to make calls, receive calls, send text messages or browse the internet.

The airplane mode button is located on a notification bar. Open the notification bar and click on the airplane mode icon to disable it. 

Being in a situation where all your calls go to voicemail can be quite disturbing. Taking the measures stated above, can let you know the cause of network problems and guide you to fixing them.

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